15th November 2018 - AddressTools: Pilot Process Builder

    Premise-Level Address Validation via Process Builder - Validate addresses only when defined criteria is met through Salesforce's Process Builder!

    Contact us for more information. 

3rd October 2018 - University Careers Fair

    We had a great time at the Univeristy of Reading Careers Fair, check out the postions we have available on our Careers page. 

15th August 2018 - SimpleImport: Curated Import Lightning

    Our Curated Import lightning component allows you to drag and drop an importing widget into any Salesforce Lightning App Page, as well as a Salesforce Partner Community.

    Click here to set it up in your Org today!

26th July 2018 - PhoneTools: Lightning

    PhoneTools now supports Salesforce Lightning, check it out here to see all the features!

7th March 2018 - PhoneTools: GDPR Compliance

    Is your sales team in danger of making illegal calls? Check out this article to see how we can help you in your Salesforce Org. 

15th February 2018 - IndustryComplete: NAICS 17 Support

    IndustryComplete now supports NAICS 17! You can update your in org industry data by clicking Install Standard Industries then NAICS 17, from the IndustryComplete Administration tab. 

7th November 2017 - AddressTools Free: New Release

    New version of AddressTools Free has been released including bux fixes and improvements. Also includes Individual settings for standardizing state and standardizing country. Check out our release notes for more information.

18th September 2017 - PhoneTools: Click to dial

    Take a look at our new video which shows you how to utilise PhoneTools in your Salesforce Organisation!

4th September 2017 - New AddressTools Video!

    Check out our new video which shows you how to install AddressTools in your Salesforce Organisation!

24th May 2017 - New Careers posted!
1st May 2017 - Office move!

    ProvenWorks is pleased to have moved its Sales, Support & Development functions in to state-of-the-art premises within the Reading Enterprise Centre within The University of Reading. 

28th September 2016 - Czechia ISO Update
26th September 2016 - Winter'17

    After experiencing issue in AddressTools with the Winter'16 release last year, we can confirm that the tool will not require any further updates when the Winter'17 patch goes live if you have one of the Spring'16 alternative methods utilised.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact with our team at

18th July 2016 - SimpleImport - Update Records Via Field Matching

    SimpleImport now support updating your current records by field matching! Be sure to upgrade to the latest version today to take full advantage of this feautre.

    Available to update from the AppExchange!

16th May 2016 - Salesforce World Tour

    It was amazing to attend the Salesforce World Tour again this year! It's always fantastic to see the turnout. If you didn't get chance to speak to us, why not get in contact with us at

20th January 2016 - AddressTools Premium 5.64

    Changes to the original sidebar component have been made and released today for those who choose to manually select the sidebar for activation.

    Upgrade from from the Salesforce AppExchange!

1st January 2016 - IndustryComplete

    Happy New Year, IndustryComplete is now fully compatible with Spring'16.

    Download it from the AppExchange for FREE!

20th November 2015 - SimpleImport Speed Improvements

    Upload and import your excel sheets even quicker today from within your Salesforce org with SimpleImport.

    Try it from the AppExchange today!

16th October 2015 - AddressTools Plugins

    Browser plugins for AddressTools Spring '16 compatibility are here! Internet Explorer will be following the Chrome and Firefox plugins below. 

    Download your plugin today to quickly re-enable JavaScript injection to your Salesforce Org.

    Chrome Plugin:
    Firefox Plugin:

10th October 2015 - AddressTools with Winter'16

    Guide now available showing how to configure AddressTools with Winter'16 here.

    Please contact with any questions you may have.

13th July 2015 - AddressTools Premium 5.56

    Inline editing bug fix released. Upgrade your copy of AddressTools Premium today from the AppExchange!

21st May 2015 - Salesforce World Tour, London

    The team here at ProvenWorks all took a trip to the ExCel theatre in London for the great Salesforce World Tour where we were thrilled to meet with various partners and customers, checkout our photo here!

18th May 2015 - AddressTools Premium

    We support the Salesforce Summer '15 Release as our new version is out! The new features can be found here

    Available for install from the Salesforce AppExchange!

10th March 2015 - AddressTools Premium

    New document out on setting Automatic Time Zone Population. Check it out here

10th January 2015 - AddressTools Free

    AddressTools Free v4.8 is now available on the AppExchange!

    This update includes support for orgs with Salesforce Country and State Pick lists enabled along with many other new, great features!

    Install now from the AppExchange!

22nd December - SimpleImport

    Version 1.5 of SimpleImport is now available on the AppExchange. You can now mass delete records from Salesforce and drag-and-drop files to import! Check it out in your Salesforce by clicking here.

7th October 2014 - SimpleImport Free

    SimpleImport Free is featured in '10 Apps That Helped a CEO Achieve His Vision at Lightning-Fast Speed'. Check out the blog article here and install for free on the AppExchange. 

6th August 2014 - AddressTools Free

    AddressTools is in the 'Top 5 Salesforce Apps for Marketing - Completely Free!' Check it out here and install today from the AppExchange

29th July 2014 - AddressTools Premium

    AddressTools Premium v4.3 is now available on the AppExchange! This update includes improved street-level validation and provides the ability to force an address onto multiple street lines. Install from the AppExchange.

2nd May 2014 - AddressTools Free

    AddressTools is number one on Six AppExchange Apps to Improve your Salesforce User Experience. Take a look at the blog here and trial AddressTools for free! 

24th April 2014 - SimpleImport

    SimpleImport Premium v1.3 is now available. This update is packed with new functionality including the ability to import a workbooks with multiple worksheet and improved user permission/security controls. Check it out on the AppExchange

3rd April 2014 - AddressTools Premium

    AddressTools Premium v4 is now available! The version includes many new features including Country Geolocation and the ability to display the current time at Accounts / Leads / Contacts. Check it out now on the AppExchange.

1st April 2014 - AddressTools Free

    AddressTools Free v4 is now available on the AppExchange (formerly CountryComplete). It includes new functionality such as State pick-lists and auto completion of the Country when a State is selected. Install for free from the AppExchange now.

21st January 2014 AddressTools Free

    Our CountryComplete application has been renamed to AddressTools Free, with new exciting functionality coming soon. Follow us on Twitter for product announcements, @provenworks.

23rd July 2013 - PhoneTools

    We are proud to release PhoneTools on the AppExchange. Integrate your cell phone with your online Salesforce org to make calls and send SMS messages to Leads, Accounts & Contacts. Check out the AppExchange listing here.

5th July 2013 - SimpleImport

    SimpleImport now offers the ability to automatically add imported Leads and Contacts to a campaign. Click here to view a video demonstration of this feature.

9th March 2013 - AddressTools & CountryComplete

    Our AddressTools & CountryComplete applications now incorporate Interactive Address Validation, developed in partnership with GB Group. Enabling all fields of an address to be validated and standardized, providing suggestions for any incomplete or incorrect parts.

29th March 2013 - SimpleImport Free

    ProvenWorks is proud to announce the release of its new SimpleImport Free application. Import XLS XLSX CSV and ODS files into any standard Salesforce object for free! Check out the AppExchange listing here.

14th December 2012 - AddressTools

    AddressTools now includes a timezone feature - automatically populate a custom field on an object with the correct time zone and time offset for the address. Click here to check out our demonstration video.

7th December 2012 - AddressTools & CountryComplete

    New versions of AddressTools and CountryComplete are now available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Including even more data cleansing features. 

15th July 2012 - PhoneScreen Service

    New pricing for PhoneTools TPS/CTPS, just £200 per month for easy telephone preference compliance!

29th March 2012 - AddressTools

    A new version of our AddressTools application has been released. Including our new US ZIP based City / State autocomplete feature. Click here to view this feature demonstration video on YouTube.

18th January 2012 - CountryComplete

    ProvenWorks is proud to win the Appexchange Best Data Cleansing App of 2011, now two years running! Click here to check out our CountryComplete application.