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How do you get the right message in front of the right person at the right time? Improved Noticeboard is the answer! Keep users informed & compliant from within Salesforce. Minimise email distraction and ensure key information is consumed and acted upon appropriately.

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Manage 'push' communication of announcements or calls-to-action to selected colleagues and/or partners. Keep users informed & compliant from within Salesforce. Minimise email distraction. Ensure key information is consumed and acted upon appropriately.

  • Intuitive, scrolling 'news-ticker' style notification banner for recipients, much like a TV channel's 'breaking news' feature
  • Flexible Notice options, 'FYI' or 'RSVP', pre-publication approvals, scheduled publication and/or suspension, acknowledgement management
  • Comprehensive reporting and included dashboards covering KPIs for communications success, progress and compliance


  • Provide publishing teams (or individuals) with global, virtual noticeboards within Salesforce
  • Control policy and process for sets of related Notices that publishers push to colleagues and/or partners

NoticeBoards reflect local processes & team structures. Optional theming ensures clarity for Recipients and have integrated Notice lifecycle statistics, including any Notice Approvals.


  • Can be announcements or 'calls to action'
  • Combine email-like message content with task management - a specific Required Action and Deadline for Recipients to respond.

Notice style can vary from an informal '1-liner' alert, (e.g, to update users of a system change), to a formal, rich content Notice, with optional links and/or images.

Notices can support acknowledgements from Recipients, who open and confirm a Notice-specific statement for compliance management.


  • Are issued to selected Recipient as Notices are published
  • Appear in a Notification Banner across Recipients' existing app pages (standard/custom).

The Banner acts as a Notification news feed, inbox and to do list - Notifications are hidden as Required Actions are completed.


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Free Edition

A free edition of ImprovedNoticeboard is available for up to 20 named users and includes all of the core NoticeBoard features:

  • Unlimited Noticeboards
  • Unlimited Notices
  • Progress Tracking
  • Pre-publication Notice Approval
  • Scheduled Publication Management
  • Custom Banners & Styling
  • Service Cloud Console

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Starting at just £0.25 GBP per user per month.


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Improved Noticeboard was developed in partnership with Improved Apps.  


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