Now supports Android desk phones!

PhoneTools integrates your cell phone with your Salesforce® org enabling you to make calls and send SMS messages to Leads, Accounts and Contacts. Available for both Android and iOS with the ability to have multiple devices per user! PhoneTools also allows you to screen your telephone numbers against the UK TPS and CTPS databases.

Product Information

PhoneTools for Salesforce® CRM allows you to integrate your cell phone with your online Salesforce® org. Giving you the ability to make calls and send SMS text messages from within Salesforce®. Easily contact Leads, Accounts and Contacts by selecting the call or text icon next to the number. 


Simply download and install the application onto your smartphone and once PhoneTools is setup within your Salesforce® org you will never need to type contact numbers in again! Additionally a sidebar component allows you to easily call or text any number instantly, regardless of which Salesforce page you are on.


PhoneTools requires both the mobile and AppExchange application to be installed and set up to correctly work. Use the links below to locate the required mobile application:


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Key Features
  • Icons appear both on list views and the individual record view.
  • Ability to have multiple devices (Cell phones, tablets, multimedia phones) for each user.
  • Available for both Android and Apple devices.
  • A Sidebar component provides ability to quickly call or text any number.
  • Screen telephone numbers against UK TPS and CTPS databases to stay GDPR Compliant 
  • PC-telephone integration without the need to change your telephony provider.

$10.00 USD per month for the 1st user.

$5.00 USD per month for each subsequent user.


We offer discounts for larger orgs, please contact for more information.


Billing is required to be paid annually. 


Phone Screening charges are seperate from this, please see the Phone Screening pricing section for more information.  


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Phone Screening

PhoneTools also includes a phone screening feature, giving you the ability to screen your Lead, Account and Contact numbers against the UK TPS and CTPS databases. Therefore ensuring you remain compliant with The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2004.

  • Screen against UK Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and/or CTPS databases
  • Scheduled, automatic scans to ensure you stay fully compliant
  • Add screening buttons to page layouts so users have the abilty to screen on-demand.
  • Pay just for the numbers you screen 

"Do I really need to screen my numbers against TPS / CTPS?"


If you are making unsolicited calls in to the United Kingdom the answer is generally yes. Calls to individuals, sole traders, and partnerships fall under TPS with all other types of organisation falling within the CTPS database.


Please note: Phone Screening is charged in addition to PhoneTools pricing, please see below for more information.

Phone Screen Pricing

Phone Screening is charged at £200 per org per month for 100,000 lookups.


Alternatively contact us for a quotation.


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