Supports Communities Imports!

SimpleImport is the easiest way to import your .xls .xlsx and .csv files into any object in your Salesforce® org. SimpleImport now offers the ability to automatically add imported Leads and Contacts to a desired Campaign. Try our free version now!

Product Information

SimpleImport enables you and your users to import Excel files, quickly and easily in to your Salesforce® Org.


Importing data with SimpleImport could not be more straight-forward. 

    1. Simply upload your XLS file
    2. Check the automated field mappings
    3. Click import; all this directly within Salesforce®.

      Success and failure reports are automatically generated in a .csv file, which you can edit to fix invalid data or in the case of successes retain to track the IDs of the records.

      Furthermore, if you had any failures:

    4. View and amend the rows with errors in the downloaded  .csv file
    5. Upload and import this file (which has automatically excludes the valid data that you have already successfully imported).
    6. It's that simple.

ProvenWorks' SimpleImport allows sales admins with limited permissions to take control of their own imports, from start to finish. SimpleImport is ideal for Professional Edition Orgs where standard tools like Apex Data Loader are not available. SimpleImport also supports Communities Imports.

Key Features:
  • Supported file formats - .xls, .xlsx, .ods and .csv files, these files can also be uploaded within a ZIP file to reduce bandwidth.
  • Intelligent Mapping Tool – Allows you to map the columns in your file to Salesforce fields prior to import. The tool will then 'remember' these mappings and use them automatically in future
  • One-click Undo
  • Lookup Fields can be populated by Name- no need to separately lookup an Owner ID and populate that in the file, as long as the name is unique SimpleImport does it for you. This works for all your custom lookup fields e.g. Opportunity Partner
  • File Split for Master-Detail with real-time impact analysis - as you map fields between the master and detail objects SimpleImport tells you how many records of each type this will result in.  Vital for when you're not sure if a phone number is each contact-specific or just the account one repeated.
  • Invalid data highlighted - Status bar displays total number of errors and allows you to correct them quickly and easily.
  • Add imported Leads & Contacts to Campaigns - Simply select the tick box and choose the desired Campaign and your records will be imported and automatically added.
  • Community Imports supported - Encourage your Communities partners by streamlining their integration process, enabling safe import of their orders or data directly, using their existing restricted permissions. Simplify deal registration by using our restricted “Curated Import” feature, to import with pre-saved mappings for a standard sheet.

Please get in contact with us today via for a quote on SimpleImport. In the email, please provide the amount of licenses you will be requiring.


To trial SimpleImport Premium, select the AppExchange® button at the top of the page and install into your org. Once you're happy with the application, email our sales team at



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SimpleImport Free

SimpleImport Free is also available on the Salesforce® AppExchange®, allowing you to easily import Excel files into Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and Contracts objects free of charge.


It offers the same core features as SimpleImport Premium but with restrictions on file sizes and supported objects. See the table to the right for a full comparison.



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Get More with SimpleImport Premium!

All editions (inc Profession without API)

  Cross Red   Green Tick Feature Table   Green Tick Feature Table   Green Tick Feature Table
Cloud Based / Cross-Platform   Cross Red   Green Tick Feature Table   Green Tick Feature Table   Green Tick Feature Table

Doesn't require "Modify All Data" permission

  Cross Red   Green Tick Feature Table   Green Tick Feature Table   Green Tick Feature Table
Max number of users per org:   n/a   n/a   1   Qty purchased

Uploaded files are retained for:

  n/a   Cross Red    7 days   3 months
Maximum single file upload size:   none   500 records 1   150 KB   20 MB

Total retained file size:

  n/a   n/a   25MB   Users x 250MB
Maximum usage in a 7 day window:   n/a   n/a   50MB   Users x 1GB

Supported File Formats:

  CSV only   CSV only   XLS, XLSX, ODS, CSV   XLS, XLSX, ODS, CSV
Objects supported:  

All standard and custom objects 

  Accounts & Contacts2  

Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and Contracts

  All standard and custom objects
Simultaneous Master-Detail Import (ie. Account & Contact)   Cross Red   Green Tick Feature Table2   Green Tick Feature Table   Green Tick Feature Table

Save field mappings:

  Cross Red   Cross Red   Green Tick Feature Table   Green Tick Feature Table

Add imported Leads & Contacts to a Campaign

  Cross Red   Cross Red   Green Tick Feature Table   Green Tick Feature Table
Price:   FREE3   FREE    FREE   See Pricing Section 
             Get it now   Get it now
  1. The administrator-only import tool supports 50,000 records at a time
  2. The administrator-only import tool supports selected other standard objects,  but not master detail
  3. Unlimited, Enterprise and Developer editions only