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Ensure all addresses in your Salesforce® org are standardized, validated and consistent. Features include; Country and State pick-lists, Interactive street level validation, Country, State and City population from a US Zip-Code, Time-Zone population from an address and many more.

Product Information

AddressTools Premium is a simple extension to the standard Salesforce® interface which provides a vast range of address data cleansing features including an Autocomplete list on the country and state fields together with validation against a standardised list. Your users will no longer be left wondering which names to use and will make the entry less error prone.


Furthermore, AddressTools Premium provides automatic time zone population from an address, so you can easily see the time offset and time zone region of your objects. In addition to this; scheduled, batch and interactive street level validation will validate and standardize all fields of an address and provide alternative suggestions if any part of the address is incorrect. 


AddressTools does not require you to make any changes to your Salesforce® objects, custom triggers or form edits. Walkthrough installation videos and detailed guides are also available to assist you through the installation process.


In addition to all the features available in AddressTools Free, AddressTools Premium also incorporates the following:

  • Autocomplete for the city and state field from a US Zip-Code entry.
  • Alternative Names - each Country and State can have a list of alternative names to detect for standardisation.  For instance you can setup AddressTools to change "Deutschland" to "Germany" or "England" to "United Kingdom".
  • Store state code vs Name on a per country basis - enables you to specify that you would like to store state codes for "United States" but the full names for "Canada" records.
  • Customized Country field storage - standardize your values as either the country name, or the ISO two or three character code.
  • QuickComplete feature - quickly and easily enter your most frequent country used by simply selecting the value next to the Country field.
  • TimeZones feature - enables a time zone and time offset field to be displayed on an object and automatically populated with a value depending on the address.
  • Support for orgs with Salesforce Country and State Pick lists enabled
  • Zip Code / Address Validation support for custom domain and customer portal
  • Lookup relationship support, allowing for easy auto-completed formula fields for location related data such as US County, Sales Territory, Time Zone, or Currency

Please get in contact with us today via for a quote on AddressTools. In the email, please provide the amount of licenses you will be requiring.


To trial AddressTools Premium, select the AppExchange® button at the top of the page and install into your org. Once you're happy with the application, email our sales team at



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AddressTools Free

Do you have users entering empty or inconsistent values in your country fields?

"US""USA""United States""United States of America"?

What about State/Province/Values? How do you spell Massachusetts?


AddressTools Free is a free application available on the Salesforce® AppExchange®. Helping your users enter consistent country and state names throughout the Salesforce® interface by providing validation and Autocompletion to the ISO standard, with no modifications. AddressTools Free also incorporates additional features such as QuickComplete and Interactive Street Level Validation. 


Winner of the Last Two AppExchange Data Cleansing Awards!


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Premium Offers More! 


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US ZIP code city/state/country auto-fill 

    Tick  Youtube
  Real-time country standardization (inc capitalization correction)    Tick Tick  

Common country misspellings correction 


Country picklist 

Tick Tick Tick   Youtube

Option to store ISO-code country values 


State/province validation & picklist 

Only 336 Values  > 3000 Worldwide  > 3000 Worldwide   Youtube
  Allow manual state input for countries where state picklist is unavailable   Tick Tick   

State/province standardization 

  Tick Tick   
  Existing data does not need to be corrected first   Tick Tick  

Common state misspellings correction 


Accounts, contacts, leads & contracts 

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Custom fields, objects & Visualforce pages 


Autofill custom lookup fields 


Phone international dialling codes 


Quickcomplete Country 

  Tick Tick  Youtube

Timezone auto-population from address 

    Tick  Youtube
  Add/edit/hide country records via standard SF UI   Tick Tick  
  Add/edit/hide state records via standard SF UI   Tick Tick   

Auto-completion (hint on input)

  Tick Tick   
  Real-time standardization and correction of external data   Tick Tick   
  Country standardization/correction for existing data  Tick Tick Tick   

Country detection 

$ Youtube

Interactive street-level validation 

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Scheduled batch validation 

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Simple AppExchange® installation 

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From $810US/org per year




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1 Only standard address fields are supported on these objects.

$ Denotes a pay-per-lookup feature.

YoutubeDenotes the availability of a video demonstration of the feature.