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Release History

The below table shows the release history of phone-tools and additional features that are included. phone-tools will automatically update to the latest version for you.

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30th May 2019


  • PT-336 - Access lightning component via URL

17th May 2019


  • Phone screening rebuild (if updating, get in contact with support@provenworks.com for guidance)
  • PhoneTools Administration improvements

3rd October 2018


  • PT-223 - Bugfix for lightning component “Developer error in file apex://pw_pss.PhoneToolsLightningController at line number -1”

7th September 2018


  • PT-183 - Field level security of phone fields now followed in lightning component
  • PT-223 - Subtask populated with ‘Call’ status after call made through lightning component

20th August 2018


  • PT-220 - Lightning component support in lightning app pages for SF Mobile support

24th July 2018


  • Lightning Release

8th September 2017


  • Note logging text area resized
  • ‘Undefined’ text when making a call fixed
  • Stores text message body in task
  • Subject lines for calls and texts can be changed in PhoneTools Administation menu
  • Request token setup stage now automated
  • Purchase TPS & CTPS credits from the Administration menu
  • Button that screens TPS & CTPS for each default object

26th June 2015


  • Support for Salesforce Summer ‘15 release
  • Ability to customise the Subject of the Task record created for SMS and Calls
  • Ability to add notes after a call or SMS which automatically add to the Task record
  • Support for Professional edition orgs
  • Ability to call numbers starting with # or * directly from the sidebar
  • Support for custom fields and objects

24th January 2013


  • Android and iOS integration
  • Ability to call and SMS directly from Salesforce