Release History

The below table shows the release history of PhoneTools and additional features that are included. Visit the AppExchange to upgrade to the latest version.


Release Date New Features Version

3rd October 2018

- PT-223 - Bugfix for lightning component "Developer error in file apex://pw_pss.PhoneToolsLightningController at line number -1"


7th September 2018


- PT-183 - Field level security of phone fields now followed in lightning component

- PT-223 - Subtask populated with 'Call' status after call made through lightning component



20th August 2018

- PT-220 - Lightning component support in lightning app pages for SF Mobile support


24th July 2018

- Lightning Release


8th September 2017







- Note logging text area resized

- 'Undefined' text when making a call fixed

- Stores text message body in task

- Subject lines for calls and texts can be changed in PhoneTools Administation menu

- Request token setup stage now automated

- Purchase TPS & CTPS credits from the Administration menu

- Button that screens TPS & CTPS for each default object








26th June 2015






- Support for Salesforce Summer '15 release

- Ability to customise the Subject of the Task record created for SMS and Calls

- Ability to add notes after a call or SMS which automatically add to the Task record

- Support for Professional edition orgs

- Ability to call numbers starting with # or * directly from the sidebar

- Support for custom fields and objects







 24th January 2013


 - Android and iOS integration

- Ability to call and SMS directly from Salesforce