SimpleImport Release History

The below table shows the release history of SimpleImport and additional features that are included. SimpleImport will automatically update to the latest version for you.


Release Date New Features Version

15th August 2018



- SI-559 - Switch to Visualforce page from web-tab

- SI-582 - Improvement with classic curated import overlay

- SI-672 - Curated Import lightning component

2.44 (package)



14th August 2018

















SI-670 - CI Lightning Component

SI-278 - Refresh or navigate away from the SimpleImport page whilst uploading raises an alert.

SI-512 - Undo warning message text improvements

SI-645 - Bugfix for curated import browse button not appearing when error is thrown on import process

SI-648 - Save mapping fix when campaign member status from file is chosen

SI-432 - Multi-criteria field matching for updating records

SI-627 - Support other common .CSV delimiters

SI-307 - Curated import performance improvements

SI-518 - Support importing to audit fields

SI-521 - Added support for mapping campaign-member status from file

SI-588 - Import Success Report now shows only imported columns in file

SI-608 - Curated import custom footer text controlled from Preferences

SI-622 - Bugfix for files containing NULL characters in row 1 which caused fatal errors

SI-633 - Generate curated import custom settings directly from preference page

SI-634 - Terminology improvements on mapping page

SI-666 - Create Custom Setting alert language changes

2.7.2 (service)

















14th March 2018

- Bugfix for saved mappings with end of line character matching within curated import (SI-615)

2.7.1 (service)

12th March 2018





- Saved mappings improvements (SI-515)

- File upload dates store timezone (SI-539)

- Improved estimations of records to be imported (SI-560)

- Curated import allows users to upload another file after successful import or failure. (SI-587a)

- Curated import displays close button if user uploads invalid file. (SI-587b)

2.7 (service)





18th October 2017

- Bugfix to match saved mappings with new line characters in file column headers (SI-576)

2.4.2 (service)

22nd September 2017


- Bugfix for handling sheets with one cell filled (SI-555)

- Improved multi-sheet handling to allow for any valid sheets to be imported and corrupt sheets to be ignored (SI-495)

2.4.1 (service)


22nd August 2017


- Pressing the back button allowed user to import the same file again (SI-513)

- New warning message if the user tries to save a mapping without all fields required being mapped (SI-514)

2.3.1 (service)


28th June 2017

- CSV writer to use UTF-8 BOM instead of UTF-16-LE (SI-280)

2.3.1 (service)
7th December 2016

- Multi-sheet file support (SI-401)

2.3 (service)
18th August 2016

- Support for XLSM file (SI-390)

2.2 (service)

14th April 2016




- Update via field mapping implemented (SI-178, SI-317, SI-358)

- Increased file size limit (SI-355, SI-357, SI-358)

- Performance optimisation (SI-366)

- New option to create new record if a match is not found using the update functionality (SI-320)

2.1 (service)




23rd September 2015




- New feature to rename saved mappings (SI-168)

- Assignment rules for leads now available (SI-271)

- Bug fix with time / date values (SI-282)

- New curated lead import feature (SI-231, SI-297, SI-305)

2.0 (service)




20th September 2015


- New feature to restrict what objects and fields users can import to (SI-134)

- New setting to configure import batch size located in custom settings (SI-165)

1.8 (service)


15th September 2015


- Import to campaign bugfix (SI-167)

- Bugfix in Safari browser where licence is not found (SI-136)

1.7 (service)


9th September 2015




- Improved error handling (SI-35, SI-90)

- Backend upgrade (SI-126)

- Update to progress bar (SI-123, SI-127)

- New feature to support the event of an import failure

1.6 (service)




22nd December 2014




 - SimpleImport now offers the ability to delete records from Salesforce based on SFID.

- Autosaved schemas are now not available if a user does not have permissions to custom map imports.

- Bug fixes, resulting in enhanced stability and interaction

 1.5 (service)




1st December 2014












- SimpleImport now works on all Salesforce-supported browsers and versions!

- Significant performance optimisation across the application!

- Supports drag-and-drop of files for uploading.

- File and sheet names displayed on Object Selection page.

- Added download link next to the uploaded file.

- Now supports scheme name lengths up to 1000 characters.

- Better error feedback to the user.

- Flash is no longer necessary to upload files.

- Multiple file selection and uploading.

- Salesforce now queried in the background improving initial load time.

- Toggle to allow custom mappings to objects within SimpleImport Custom Settings. (only available with Premium)

1.4 (service)












14th June 2013


- Campaigns feature


1.1 (service)


27th March 2013





- Confirmation box to undo an imported file

- Ability to remove files that are not being received (after 30 mins)

- Detailed error message shows on file row if import has failed

- Sesson timeout error fixed

- Progress bar no longer steps back

1.0 (service)