Can I import data into Salesforce without being an Administrator?

Yes, you can!

SimpleImport by ProvenWorks for Salesforce CRM allows you to import data from Excel into Salesforce without being an admin user. Administrators can choose to remain in control over the fields and objects users can import into by giving a non-admin user a license to SimpleImport with restrictions in place. These restrictions will allow the admin to specify the exact objects the user will have access to import into. See below, we’ve restricted this sales user to only be able to import into the Lead object.

Want to take it a step further and restrict the fields users can import into as well? Take a look at our guided import wizard functionality which gives users a drag and drop component with your predefined object and field mappings. This means that if a user were to try to import into a field that wasn’t configured in the mapping, the import would fail. You can open up importing to non-admin users with the assurance that they can only import into objects and fields specified by the admin.

Community and Portal User Imports

We understand that you don’t want community and portal users to be able to import into any object and fields in Salesforce, so our Managed Import component can also be used in a Salesforce Community. This is perfect for recurring imports like product and sales data, or deal registration.

Where to find SimpleImport

Install SimpleImport from the Salesforce AppExchange

Book a free demo

Arrange a free demo of SimpleImport to see it in action.

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