PhoneTools: Configure a field for screening

Introduction to the fields to screen

Fields to screen is the heart of the application. It tells PhoneTools which fields in your organization need screening. PhoneTools will only screen phone fields that are configured and have the Enabled Screening checkbox enabled. We will cover this more in the article.

What’s available out the box?

Out of the box, PhoneTools comes configured with the following fields but by default, will NOT have Enabled Screening checked:

  • Account.Phone
  • Account.Fax
  • Contact.Phone
  • Contact.HomePhone
  • Contact.MobilePhone
  • Contact.AssistantPhone
  • Contact.OtherPhone
  • Lead.Phone
  • Lead.MobilePhone

Adding additional phone fields

You can add additional phone fields to the configuration.

  • Go to App Launcher | PhoneTools Administration.
  • Navigate to the Configuration tab.
  • Select Add Field.
  • Select the Object.
  • Select the Phone Field.
  • Choose the appropriate fields discussed in in the picklists.
  • Press Save.

Enabling screening on phone fields

With the phone fields now configured with PhoneTools, we can enable them for screening.

  • Go to App Launcher | PhoneTools Administration.
  • Navigate to the Configuration tab.
  • Select edit next to the field that you would like to enable screening for.
  • Select Enable Screening and four picklists will appear.
  • Choose the appropriate fields in the Phone Status Field, Next Screen Due Field and Screening results Field picklists (as discussed in the previous article).
  • Select Save.
  • Repeat this step for each field that is to be enabled for screening.

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