PhoneTools: Queue a Screen Immediately with a Salesforce Flow

Automated phone screening functionality covered so far in this installation walkthrough will screen records nightly that have not yet been screened or have their Next Screen Due Date in the past. Whilst practical, this leaves a space of time between the record being inserted/updated where the numbers won’t be screened until the next nightly batch job or user interaction.

That’s where flows come in to fill the gap.

Create a flow to screen the record

  • Go to Salesforce Setup | Flow.
  • Select New Flow.
  • Choose Record-Triggered Flow.
  • Search and select the object that you are configuring the process for.
  • Set Trigger the Flow When to A record is created or updated.
  • Select Done.

The flow will now be ready to start adding elements to.

  • Select the Decision Logic and drag it under the Start element.
  • Label: Is NULL or Overdue
  • API Name: IsNULLorOverdue

Under New Outcome:

  • Label: True
  • Outcome API Name: True
  • Condition Requirements to Execute Outcome: Any Condition Is Met (OR)
  • Resource: {!$Record.pw_pss__NextPhoneScreenDue__c} Note: this field will be the Next Screen Due Date field which may be custom dependant on your configuration.
  • Operator: Is Null
  • Value: {!$GlobalConstant.True}
  • Select Add Condition
  • Resource: {!$Record.pw_pss__NextPhoneScreenDue__c}
  • Operator: Less Than or Equal
  • Value: {!$Flow.CurrentDate}
  • Select Done

The decision element will now be shown in the flow and needs connecting to the start element.

Select and hold the connecter point on the Start block and drag it to the Decision element. This will create a connection between the two elements.

Now we need to add the Phone Screening element to the flow.

  • Select the Action Interaction and drag it under the Decision element.
  • In Action, search for Phone Screening and select the suggested item.
  • Label: Screen Phone Numbers
  • API Name: ScreenPhoneNumbers
  • ID of Record to Screen: {!$Record.Id}
  • Select Done.

The Screen Phone Numbers element will now be shown in the flow and needs connecting to the Decision element where the outcome is True.

  • Select and hold the connecter point on the Decision block and drag it to the Screen Phone Numbers element.
  • A modal will appear with an Outcome option. Choose True.
  • Select Done.

The flow is now configured and ready to Save and Activate. Repeat this process for each object that needs the functionality enabling for.

Summary of the functionality

When inserting or updating a configured record in Salesforce, this flow will now queue a task to screen the record immediately. This functionality relies on Salesforce Future Methods. Due to this dependency the results may not always appear visible immediately after record insert or update and the page may need to be refreshed before the statuses update. It is still advised to rely on the automated batch job to pick up all overdue records on its nightly run.

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