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Open up data importing to your users… safely

Restricting spreadsheet data imports to a select number of admins isn’t scalable and often just doesn’t work. We see that play out across industries – from tiny nonprofits through to the largest global companies.

Import the file you already have

Import to Salesforce without CSVs! We support XLS, XLSX, ODS and CSV files, including multi-sheet workbooks.

Import data faster than ever

Preconfigure your import job by saving an import mapping. Users only need to drag and drop their spreadsheet file onto the Lightning component. No training required!

Import data in a Salesforce digital experience

Repeat imports take less than 20 seconds with our drag and drop Lightning Component. You can even place it on a Salesforce digital experience (community).

Restrict imports by user and profile

Don’t compromise minimum-access security or the permissions you have in place. Limit object and field mapping access by user or profile.

Mitigate risk with undo

Importing in production can be scary… Don’t worry! As a business user or admin overseer, revert jobs back to their pre-operation state with one click.

Pricing comparisons

SimpleImport Premium starts at $1,200 per year. We offer nonprofit discounts.


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single license
starting at per year
All editions (inc. Professional without API) Red Cross tick tick tick
Supported file formats: CSV only CSV only XLS, XLSX, ODS & CSV XLS, XLSX, ODS & CSV
Supported objects: All standard
& custom objects
Limited Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities & Contracts All standard
& custom objects
Object and field user restrictions Red Cross Red Cross tick tick
Update matching: ID
& External ID ID, Email,
Name & Site ID All text field, IDs
& combinations
Digital Experience implementations Red Cross Red Cross Red Cross tick
Managed Import component Red Cross Red Cross Red Cross tick
Undo jobs Red Cross Red Cross tick tick
Uploaded files are retained for: n/a n/a 7 Days 3 Months 2
Maximum single file upload size: 50,000+ records 50,000 records 150KB 20MB
Total retained file size: n/a n/a 25MB User x 250MB
Maximum usage in a 7 day window: n/a n/a 50MB User x 1GB
Simultaneous Master-Detail import (ie. Account & Contact) Red Cross tick3 tick tick
Save field mappings tick Red Cross tick tick
Add imported Leads & Contacts to a Campaign Red Cross tick tick tick
Delete existing records Red Cross Red Cross Red Cross tick
Compatible with Flows Red Cross Red Cross Red Cross tick
Multi-sheet file support Red Cross Red Cross tick tick
Non-admin control Red Cross Red Cross tick tick