SimpleImport | Demo Kit 1

SimpleImport Demo Kit 1

Import Deal Registrations in a Digital Experience

Allow partners to import deal data via a Digital Experience in Salesforce with SimpleImport.

Scenario Statement

Using vanilla Salesforce, partner users have no ability to import data. This means that deals can only be registered one by one using the Deal Registration Global Action. This does not compete with other Partner Relationship Management (PRM) systems in the market and is often a question raised during proposals.

Using the Managed Import component, part of SimpleImport, this functionality can be achieved in Salesforce in 15 minutes.

This demo kit will walk you through the process of setting up SimpleImport and the Managed Import component in your SDO resulting in a one-click button to upload a deal registration file in the SDO – Partner Central template for use in your proposals.

Note: SimpleImport is a use-case-agnostic tool and can be applied to any object or field in Salesforce. This specific use case has a large audience in a growing market and showcases some of its core features.

The Walkthrough

1) Install SimpleImport from the AppExchange
  1. Go to the SimpleImport AppExchange listing.
  2. Select Get It Now.
  3. As this is for a demo, choose Install for all users.
  4. Optionally, whilst the application installs, email with the subject “SimpleImport SDO Help” and we can assign you a primary contact for your implementation.
  5. When the application has installed you will be provided with two licenses. The first will be assigned to you, we will now want to assign the second to the SDO’s partner user.
  6. Select Manage Licenses next to SimpleImport and provide the user Paul Partner with a license.
2) Download the SDO Deal Registration template file
  1. Open the SimpleImport SDO Deal Registration Template.
  2. Use the password SimpleImportSDO to access the file.
  3. Read the instructions located on the first sheet. Once happy, download the file as an xlsx.

Note: SimpleImport supports .csv, .ods, .xls, .xlsx and .xlsm file types.

3) Upload the template to SimpleImport
  1. Logged in as your user, go to App Launcher then search and select SimpleImport.
  2. Select Drag & drop files or click to upload.
  3. Upload the SDO template file downloaded in the previous step.
  4. Select Choose Sheet.
  5. Select Deal Registration.
4) Select the Lead object
  1. Select Import to Salesforce.
  2. Under Object selection, Master, select Lead (Lead).
  3. Leave the Detail object and the rest of the settings untouched.
  4. Select Next.
5) Configure the import as an upsert
  1. Set the Import Type to Upsert to reveal Matching Conditions. This option will assist in preventing duplicates by updating matched records. If you want to leave it as Insert, you can skip this step.
  2. Map:
    • Last Name to Last Name (LastName)
    • Email to Email (Email),
    • Company to Company (Company).
  3. Select Next.
6) Map the spreadsheet data and constant values to Salesforce fields
  1. Each field should have auto-mapped to the correct Lead field.
  2. We’ll now want to add three Constant Values to replicate the Deal Registration Global Action behavior. Constant Values insert the same value for each record (row) in the file. This removes the requirement for additional columns in your template file.
  3. Select Add Constant, type Lead - Deal Registration.
  4. Click the Map to Salesforce section on the right of the row to open the field finder.
  5. Search for Record Type.
  6. Select the option Record Type ID (RecordTypeId) | Name (Name) | Lead (M).
  7. Add another Constant Value and type Submitted. Then use Map to Salesforce and search for Status. Select Status (Status) | Lead (M).
  8. Add one more Constant Value and type Submitted. Then use Map to Salesforce and search for Approval Status. Select the Approval Status (SDO_Sales_Approval_Status__c) | Lead (M).
  9. Select Next.
7) Save the import configuration into a mapping
  1. Under Save mapping, select Save As.
  2. Provide the name Lead - Deal Registration.
  3. Check Store the current sheet name in mapping for use with ManagedImport.
  4. Select Save.
8) Test the import in SimpleImport before deploying to a Digital Experience
  1. Select Submit to test the mapping.
  2. Inspect the tile to to confirm it has successfully inserted 37 leads.
  3. Using SimpleImport’s undo feature, let’s undo the import ready for when we test via the Digital Experience.
  4. Use the three vertical dots on the file’s tile to reveal more options.
  5. Select Undo import.
  6. Select Submit to confirm.
9) Obtain the mapping ID from preferences
  1. Select Preferences in the top right of the SimpleImport tab.
  2. Scroll down the page to Mapping List.
  3. Locate the mapping named “Lead – Deal Registration“.
  4. Copy the ID located next to it and save it for later.
10) Add the Managed Import component to the Digital Experience
  1. Go to Salesforce Setup | Digital Experiences | All Sites.
  2. Select Builder next to SDO – Partner Central.
  3. From Pages, search and select Sales Home.
  4. Open the Components tab and find Managed Import under Custom Components.
  5. Drag the component onto the layout by the existing Register Deal button.
  6. Enter the Mapping ID obtained in the previous step into the designated field.
  7. Change the Button Text to Get Started.
  8. Change the Component Title to Import Deal Registration.
  9. Leave the rest of the fields blank.
  10. Publish the Digital Experience.

Note: you will not be able to test the component using Preview, you will need to log in as Paul Partner.

11) Handle the field-level security for the *Partner profile

If you were to test now, you will receive an error that Paul Partner does not have the correct field access to the Approval Status field. Let’s fix that.

  1. Go to Salesforce Setup | Users | Profiles.
  2. Select *Partners.
  3. Select Object Settings.
  4. Locate and select Leads.
  5. Select Edit.
  6. Check Edit Access next to Approval Status.
  7. Select Save.
12) Test as Paul Partner

Everything will now be ready to test before demoing to your prospect. Let’s log in as Paul Partner and take a look.

  1. Navigate to the App Launcher and select the Sales App.
  2. Using the favorited star in the top right, select the Contact, Paul Partner.
  3. From the actions on the contact record, select Log in to Experience as User.
  4. Choose SDO – Partner Central.
  5. Using the top navigation, select Sell | Sales Home.
  6. Use the Get Started button under Import Deal Registration.
  7. Select Upload File and select the original template file.
  8. Sit back and let the tool do the hard work.

When finished, the list of leads will be available to see in the Deal Registrations list view located under the Registered tab. This is nice to show to a prospect in a demo.

Demo Script

When demoing the existing Deal Registration Global Action functionality in the partner central Digital Experience, the demo should be expanded by following the script below.

“Paul Partner also has the ability to register multiple deals by loading an Excel file.”

Optionally show the template file provided in this demo kit.

“By clicking the Get Started button under Import Deal Registration, Paul Partner can drag and drop, or select a spreadsheet file to load.”

Select upload file and load the template file provided with the demo kit.

“Salesforce will now begin to process the data in the spreadsheet file and ensure that it meets the required criteria. It will then load each of the rows into new Leads in Salesforce.”

“This functionality is capable of supporting vast record quantities, from one up to several thousand, ensuring that all of Paul’s deals will be registered.”

“The Done button will become available once the process has been successful.”

Select the Done button and begin to navigate to the Registered tab in the Partner Central page. Change the Lead list view to Registered Deals.

“Paul will be able to verify that these deals have been registered by navigating to the Registered tab.”

DONE… You can now continue with your Partner demo.

Success Stories

Additional Use Cases and Related Posts

SimpleImport and Managed Import are designed to be flexible and quick to deploy for any use case, internal or in a Digital Experience. If you have a proposal that involves importing Excel data into Salesforce, use SimpleImport and reach out to our dedicated success team for assistance using the contact information below.

Contact Us

We understand that creating demos can be time-consuming. Especially when using additional managed packages. That’s why we have a dedicated team at ProvenWorks to ensure you get the support you need to build the right demo.

Email with the subject “SimpleImport SDO Help” and we’ll ensure you’re assigned a member of the team who can assist.