Release history

The below table shows the product’s release history and additional features that are included.

18th May 2023

SI 20230518

  • SID-73 Added additional time zone support.

28th December 2022


  • SIM-41 Improve error messages when import fails using Apex REST Service approach.
  • SIM-41 Improve handling of Salesforce permission error preventing an import via Apex REST Services.

02nd September 2022

SI 20220902

  • SIM-37 Improve record type name matching to only filter within the relevant object.

04th May 2022

SI 20220504

  • SIM-23 Implement icon in Delete Records mode.
  • SIM-24 Bugfix for handling orgs trying to access campaign functionality with no active campaigns.

23rd February 2022

SICOM 1.17

  • SIM-17 - Add support for service origin.

23rd February 2022

SI 2.61

  • SIM-17 - add support for service origin.

31st January 2022

SICOM 1.15

  • SIM-11 - Improve date format support for ManagedImport when using Apex REST Service.
  • SIM-13 - "Ending position out of bounds: -1" shown in ManagedImport component when placed in Experience Builder resolved.

18th January 2022

SI Spring’22 20220118

  • SID-88 - Field auto-mapping generated on the client-side for improved performance.
  • SI-1291 - Overlay adjustments to match page content.
  • SID-92 - Remove auto-selection of Master field if multiple objects are available.
  • SIM-14 - Bug fix for application error when a constant value is configured then object configuration changes.

13th January 2022

SI 2.59

  • SIM-13 - "Ending position out of bounds: -1" shown in ManagedImport component when placed in Experience Builder resolved.
  • SIM-11 - Improve date format support for ManagedImport when using Apex REST Service.

03rd January 2022

SI Winter’22 20220103

  • SID-75 - Store sheet name in mappings for use with ManagedImport.

17th December 2021

SICOM 1.14

  • SIM-8 - Apex REST improvements.

15th December 2021

SI Free 2.47

  • SIM-5 - Updated API versions.

14th December 2021

SI Winter’22 20211214

  • SID-60 - Auto-map known fields.
  • SID-74 - Added "Autosave Mapping" to preferences.
  • SID-61 - Next button disabled if no mapping selected when Disallow custom mappings is enabled.
  • SID-63 - Support ID field + Text field matching.
  • SIM-4 - Bugfix for object select picklist appears behind progress path.
  • SIM-7 - Bugfix for loading preferences on a new instance.

29th November 2021

SI Winter’22 20211129

  • Introduce Import Type page.
  • Introduce Import Summary page.
  • Save and Load Mapping changes.
  • Removed the need to Create Custom Setting for ManagedImport mappings.
  • Error messages improved.
  • Added Constant Values to mapping.
  • Improved Field finder search.
  • See the SimpleImport: User Guide for updated usage.

29th November 2021

SI 2.57

  • SIM-5 - Updated API versions.

18th November 2021

SI 20211118

  • SI-1235 - Improved support for Date/Time fields

29th September 2021

SI 20210929

  • SI-1252 - resolved 'required' field StatusCode on the Order object.

25th August 2021

SI 20210825

  • [SI-1246] Direct support for CampaignMember object

19th August 2021

SI 20210819

  • [SI-1234] Removed browser alerts and replaced them with in-app notifications

04th August 2021

SI 20210804

  • [SI-1229] Added support for fields that are only creatable
  • [SI-1229] Added support for fields that are only updatable

19th July 2021

SI 20210719

  • [SI-1230] Insert the matching field during upsert jobs

01st July 2021

SI 20210701

  • [SI-1219] Handle APEX_REST_SERVICES_DISABLED error

28th June 2021

SI 20210628

  • [SI-1218] Improved exception handling for queries on AssignmentRule

21st June 2021

SI 20210618

  • [SI-1241] Support Sandbox authentication for users without API Enabled

14th June 2021

SI 20210614

  • [SI-1213] Improved result file generation

28th May 2021

SI 20210528

  • [SI-1211] Improvements to Sandbox authentication

25th May 2021

SI 20210525

  • [SI-1208] File parsing improvements
  • [SI-1207] Improved matching logic to support more fields
  • [SI-1210] Support for Number field type as an external ID

12th April 2021

SI 20210412

  • [SI-1195] Mapping page optimization

06th April 2021

SI 20210406

  • [SI-1190] Cannot read property 'showToast' service changes for SI 2.54 package
  • [SI-1192] Improved error handling

06th April 2021

SI 2.54

  • [SI-1190] - Bugfix for ShowToast error when using Managed Import, introduced in 2.53.

25th March 2021

SI 2.53

  • [SI-782] & [SI-811] - New Managed Import user interface

04th March 2021

SI 20210304

  • [SI-1101] - Optimisation to sheet stripping processes
  • [SI-1120] - Better errors for Managed Import when user doesn’t have CRUD or FLS permissions to configured fields/objects
  • [SI-1122] - Display “Download original” button if sheet hasn’t been selected
  • [SI-1143] - UI bugfix for when a file fails
  • [SI-1163] - Optimise login process
  • [SI-1174] - Allow “NULL”, “N/A”, “#N/A” or empty cells to update existing records and empty the field value
  • [SI-105] - Add “copy” button to “Import JS” snippet window

19th February 2021

SI 2.52

  • [SI-1144] - Bugfix for opening Managed Import before all resources loaded
  • [SI-1145] - Display Managed Import component stencil while page loading

15th January 2021

SI 2.51

  • [SI-1167] - Introduce Record ID text field to Managed Import component to pass record ID a value to the job

10th December 2020

SI 2.50

  • [SI-1157] - Add “pass current record ID into this import” feature to Managed Import component

09th December 2020

SI 20201130

  • [SI-1157] - Import the current page’s record ID via Managed Import component to update the current record or insert detail records.
  • [SI-1127] - ‘Load more items’ button to only appear if total files > 20

25th November 2020

SI 20201125

  • [SI-1158] - Update to latest Salesforce API version
  • [SI-1159] - Exclude objects from SimpleImport that cannot be imported into

28th September 2020

SI 20200928

  • [SI-1136] - Fix NullReferenceException thrown when import objects using Managed Import with API disabled
  • [SI-1137] - Implement Cancel button on Preferences page
  • [SI-1135] - Managed Import “undo” feature only available to users with Delete permission on profile

09th September 2020

SI 20200909

  • [SI-1059] - SI FREE: Save mapping bugfix to retain ”insert if not matched” toggle
  • [SI-1131] - No longer insert a detail record if all columns in row are NULL during a master-detail import

25th August 2020

SI 20200825

  • [SI-1128] - Improvements to undo feature

13th August 2020

SI 20200813

  • [SI-1126] - Support for case sensitivity when using external IDs

29th June 2020

SI 20200729

  • [SI-1053] - Improved Undo warning
  • [SI-1118] - Implement “Load more..” on file uploads page

03rd June 2020

SI 20200603

  • [SI-942] - Delete mapping bugfix
  • [SI-1027] - Change initial loading UI
  • [SI-1028] - Introduce progress bar for imports

20th April 2020

SI 20200420

  • [SI-1100] - Bugfix for API Disabled users in Managed Import

14th April 2020

SI 20200414

  • [SI-1080] - Implement on-page errors for new UI pages
  • [SI-955] - Introduce a timed-out message with a reconnect button for when the session ends on SI

03rd April 2020

SI 20200603

  • [SI-1099] -Updated colours in UI
  • [SI-942] - Bugfix for delete mapping
  • [SI-1027] - Change loading spinner for initial load
  • [SI-1028] - Introduce progress bars for imports

02nd April 2020

SI 20200402

  • [SI-971] - Upgrade .Net Framework

30th March 2020

SI 20200330

  • [SI-1094] - Bugfix where tooltip is not displayed if Campaign is set for Detail in M-D mapping

23rd March 2020

SI 20200323

  • [SI-1071] - Implement externalId support for lookup fields

12th March 2020

SI 20200312

  • [SI-1087] - Improvement where messages should retire after certain number of attempts
  • [SI-1088] - Add API_DISABLED_FOR_ORG error code into SforceServiceAdapter
  • [SI-1089] - Bugfix where SoapException is thrown on getUserInfo() in Salesforce Professional Edition
  • [SI-1030] - Bugfix where assignment rules aren’t being saved in mapping scheme

05th March 2020

SI 20200305

  • [SI-993] - Support non-API-enabled users in Managed Import

21st February 2020

SI 09022021

  • [SI-1170] - Support external ID selection on lookup fields that support multiple objects i.e. Task.WhatId
  • [SI-1171] - UI bugfix to show Map to Salesforce if the field is a lookup field and has multiple options available

10th January 2020

SI 20200110

  • [SI-1065] - Improvements to allow third-party cookies to work correctly

17th December 2019

SI 20191217

  • [SI-1049] - Remove TLS 1.0 support

09th December 2019

SI 20191209

  • [SI-1045] - SimpleImport Community Edition service improvements

27th November 2019

SI 20191127

Version control formatting change
  • [SI-1023] - Auto-refresh improvements in main table during session expiry
  • [SI-1038] - Bugfix when premium license is in trial, preference page doesn’t show all the premium fields

08th October 2019

SI 3.2.3

  • [SI-981] - add support for namespace prefix “pw_sicom”
  • [SI-985] - Preferences page bugfix

02nd October 2019

SI 3.2.2 (service)

  • [SI-935] - Improved error messages
  • [SI-967] - Optimisation to file upload page in new UI
  • [SI-969] - Field finder in new UI to close when moving to the next section
  • [SI-999] - Filename truncation when longer than screen size
  • [SI-943] - Remove auto-focus blue surrounding from modals

28th August 2019

SI 3.2.1 (service)

  • SI-975 - Linked organisations can share saved mapping for Managed Import

24th August 2019

SI SI 3.2.0 (service)

  • SI-933 - Bugfix for renaming a saved mapping
  • SI-936 - Spreadsheet file icon changes
  • SI-937 - Field finder field labels to follow the preferences ‘Display field mode’ setting
  • SI-938 - Free preferences page improved
  • SI-940 - Speed optimisations for scrolling through sample data
  • SI-941 - Bugfix for loading a saved mapping with fields that the user doesn’t have access to
  • SI-944 - Tooltip suggestions visibility improvements

14th August 2019

SI SI 3.1.0 (service)

  • SI-900 - Undo now available for delete jobs
  • SI-901 - Bugfix to display deletion results correctly
  • SI-904 - Saved mapping logic optimised in new UI
  • SI-905 - Disable save mapping button if no fields are mapped
  • SI-906 - Bugfix for delete mapping functionality
  • SI-915 - Bugfix for sheet selection when no sheet is selected
  • SI-918 - Welcome tips for new UI
  • SI-920 - New UI error tile improvements
  • SI-929 - Bugfix for new UI when no campaigns are active in Org
  • SI-932 - Managed Import UI fix improvement
  • SI-934 - Improved sample data arrows
  • SI-873 - Implement ‘Cancel job’ feature
  • SI-875 - Bugfix for estimation on the deletion page
  • SI-895 - Bugfix for CampaignMember status value is not valid
  • SI-912 - Tile format improvements

24th July 2019

SI 3.0.0 (service)

  • New User Interface

25th June 2019

SI (service)

  • SI-845 - Import JS popup fix

17th June 2019

SI 2.7.5 (service)

  • SI-688 - Sheet selection step for files with multiple sheets

12th June 2019

SI 2.46 (package)

  • SI-844 - Managed Import UI update
  • SI-694 - Improved custom setting help text
  • SI-838 - Managed Import component for Salesforce Lightning Flow Builder

13th May 2019

SI 2.7.4 (service)

  • SI-660 - Improvement for field display option to update matching picklists
  • SI-787 - Audit fields now accessible if user has system setting enabled for them
  • SI-523 - Improvements to delete records feature

29th April 2019

SI 2.45 (package)

  • SI-785 - Introduction of SimpleImport Core User & SimpleImport Managed Import User custom permissions

09th April 2019

SI (service)

  • SI-798 - Bugfix for unassigned license error displaying when user is licensed

07th April 2019

SI 2.7.3 (service)

  • SI-690 - Support critical update ”Remove Instance Names from URLs for Visualforce, Community Builder, Studio, and Content Files”
  • SI-652 - Warning to user if SimpleImport notices only 1 column in a .CSV which can indicate a fault in the file
  • SI-770 - Optimisation to field mapping page loading time

13th February 2019

SI (service)

  • SI-773 - Bugfix for error to display correctly when curated import file column is missing

11th February 2019

SI (service)

  • SI-767 - Bugfix for cancel button on object select page

05th February 2019

SI (service)

  • SI-763 - Bugfix for files that hang during processing state on page load

31st January 2019

SI (service)

  • SI-758 - Caching improvements on file upload page

14th August 2018

SI 2.7.2 (service)

  • SI-670 - CI Lightning Component
  • SI-278 - Refresh or navigate away from the SimpleImport page whilst uploading raises an alert.
  • SI-512 - Undo warning message text improvements
  • SI-645 - Bugfix for curated import browse button not appearing when error is thrown on import process
  • SI-648 - Save mapping fix when campaign member status from file is chosen
  • SI-432 - Multi-criteria field matching for updating records
  • SI-627 - Support other common .CSV delimiters
  • SI-307 - Curated import performance improvements
  • SI-518 - Support importing to audit fields
  • SI-521 - Added support for mapping campaign-member status from file
  • SI-588 - Import Success Report now shows only imported columns in file
  • SI-608 - Curated import custom footer text controlled from Preferences
  • SI-622 - Bugfix for files containing NULL characters in row 1 which caused fatal errors
  • SI-633 - Generate curated import custom settings directly from preference page
  • SI-634 - Terminology improvements on mapping page
  • SI-666 - Create Custom Setting alert language changes

14th March 2018

SI 2.7.1 (service)

  • Bugfix for saved mappings with end of line character matching within curated import (SI-615)

12th March 2018

SI 2.7 (service)

  • Saved mappings improvements (SI-515)
  • File upload dates store timezone (SI-539)
  • Improved estimations of records to be imported (SI-560)
  • Curated import allows users to upload another file after successful import or failure. (SI-587a)
  • Curated import displays close button if user uploads invalid file. (SI-587b)

15th August 2018

SI 2.44 (package)

  • SI-559 - Switch to Visualforce page from web-tab
  • SI-582 - Improvement with classic curated import overlay
  • SI-672 - Curated Import lightning component

18th October 2017

SI 2.4.2 (service)

  • Bugfix to match saved mappings with new line characters in file column headers (SI-576)

22nd September 2017

SI 2.4.1 (service)

  • Bugfix for handling sheets with one cell filled (SI-555)
  • Improved multi-sheet handling to allow for any valid sheets to be imported and corrupt sheets to be ignored (SI-495)

28th June 2017

SI 2.3.1 (service)

  • CSV writer to use UTF-8 BOM instead of UTF-16-LE (SI-280)

22nd August 2017

SI 2.3.1 (service)

  • Pressing the back button allowed user to import the same file again (SI-513)
  • New warning message if the user tries to save a mapping without all fields required being mapped (SI-514)

07th December 2016

SI 2.3 (service)

  • Multi-sheet file support (SI-401)

18th August 2016

SI 2.2 (service)

  • Support for XLSM file (SI-390)

14th April 2016

SI 2.1 (service)

  • Update via field mapping implemented (SI-178, SI-317, SI-358)
  • Increased file size limit (SI-355, SI-357, SI-358)
  • Performance optimisation (SI-366)
  • New option to create new record if a match is not found using the update functionality (SI-320)

23rd September 2015

SI 2.0 (service)

  • New feature to rename saved mappings (SI-168)
  • Assignment rules for leads now available (SI-271)
  • Bug fix with time / date values (SI-282)
  • New curated lead import feature (SI-231, SI-297, SI-305)

20th September 2015

SI 1.8 (service)

  • New feature to restrict what objects and fields users can import to (SI-134)
  • New setting to configure import batch size located in custom settings (SI-165)

15th September 2015

SI 1.7 (service)

  • Import to campaign bugfix (SI-167)
  • Bugfix in Safari browser where licence is not found (SI-136)

09th September 2015

SI 1.6 (service)

  • Improved error handling (SI-35, SI-90)
  • Backend upgrade (SI-126)
  • Update to progress bar (SI-123, SI-127)
  • New feature to support the event of an import failure

22nd December 2014

SI 1.5 (service)

  • SimpleImport now offers the ability to delete records from Salesforce based on SFID.
  • Autosaved schemas are now not available if a user does not have permissions to custom map imports.
  • Bug fixes, resulting in enhanced stability and interaction

01st December 2014

SI 1.4 (service)

  • SimpleImport now works on all Salesforce-supported browsers and versions!
  • Significant performance optimisation across the application!
  • Supports drag-and-drop of files for uploading.
  • File and sheet names displayed on Object Selection page.
  • Added download link next to the uploaded file.
  • Now supports scheme name lengths up to 1000 characters.
  • Better error feedback to the user.
  • Flash is no longer necessary to upload files.
  • Multiple file selection and uploading.
  • Salesforce now queried in the background improving initial load time.
  • Toggle to allow custom mappings to objects within SimpleImport Custom Settings. (only available with Premium)

14th June 2013

SI 1.1 (service)

  • Campaigns feature

27th March 2013

SI 1.0 (service)

  • Confirmation box to undo an imported file
  • Ability to remove files that are not being received (after 30 mins)
  • Detailed error message shows on file row if import has failed
  • Sesson timeout error fixed
  • Progress bar no longer steps back