AT 8.7

  • AT-1443 – Introduce AddressTools Premium Standard User permission set.
  • ADD-97 – Bugfix to handle “Invalid conversion from runtime type Database.Error to Database.DuplicateError” when a validation rule prevents the record from saving when using the AddressTools Override.
  • ADD-84 – Improved error handling for users with limited permissions to the User object.
  • ADD-88 – Improved error handling for users with limited permission to the Country object.
  • ADD-30 – Text changes to the Scheduled Address Verification page.
  • ADD-89 – Override component bugfix to handle missing required asterisks when field is set to required on the page layout.

AVFC 1.81

  • AT-1426 – Custom CSS is now available via a Salesforce Flow Screen. (No longer need to wrap the component in an Aura component first).
  • AT-1426 – Users no longer need “View All Custom Settings” permission enabled at their profile.
  • AT-1384 – Additional accessibility tags have been implemented.
  • AT-1166 – Improved search results by filtering and prioritizing countries.
  • ADD-48 – Street Line 2 parameter is now available.

AT Free 6.21

  • ADD-76 – Improvements to naming and description of features
  • ADD-40 – New Lighting Administration Page

SI 20230518

  • SID-73 Added additional time zone support.

AT 8.5

  • AT-69 – Improved error when trying to save an Address Block where the name is too long.
  • AT-64 – Override component label improvements.
  • AT-1425 – Improvements to scheduled address verification page.
  • AT-1429 – Bugfix for custom state picklists not working with automated address verification.
  • AT-1419 – Extend timeout for batch address verification.
  • AT-1356 – bugfix for address as a field type state & country picklists throwing an error during scheduled batch verification with a valid value.
  • AT-1368 – Update AddressTools resources to Salesforce API 55.


  • SIM-41 Improve error messages when import fails using Apex REST Service approach.
  • SIM-41 Improve handling of Salesforce permission error preventing an import via Apex REST Services.

AVFC 1.79

  • AT-1384 – Added “Search address” accessibility tag to address lookup field.
  • AT-1426 – Implemented support for “Additional Styles” parameter when utilizing the component directly in a flow. (Previously required wrapping in an Aura component).
  • AT-1427 – Improved authentication which removes the requirement for “View all custom settings” permission for partner/community users.
  • AT-1430 – Updated the utilized packages in the component.
  • AT-1431 – Bug fix implemented for the address status field handler to recognize an automated change.

AV 20221116

  • Improvements and optimisation to the address verification service.

SI 20220902

  • SIM-37 Improve record type name matching to only filter within the relevant object.

AT 8.1

  • AT-1361 – Improvement on apex CPU time limit exceeded
  • AT-1360 – Padding adjusted on address fields in lightning components.
  • AT-1358 – Show all failed records in batch verification email reports.
  • AT-1356 – Show all failed record IDs in batch verification email reports.
  • AT-1355 – Support to create lookup fields on managed fields and new address field type fields.
  • AT-1351 – Added support to use the same report multiple times in scheduled address verification.