AVFC 1.79

  • AT-1384 – Added “Search address” accessibility tag to address lookup field.
  • AT-1426 – Implemented support for “Additional Styles” parameter when utilizing the component directly in a flow. (Previously required wrapping in an Aura component).
  • AT-1427 – Improved authentication which removes the requirement for “View all custom settings” permission for partner/community users.
  • AT-1430 – Updated the utilized packages in the component.
  • AT-1431 – Bug fix implemented for the address status field handler to recognize an automated change.

AV 20221116

  • Improvements and optimisation to the address verification service.

AT 8.1

  • AT-1361 – Improvement on apex CPU time limit exceeded
  • AT-1360 – Padding adjusted on address fields in lightning components.
  • AT-1358 – Show all failed records in batch verification email reports.
  • AT-1356 – Show all failed record IDs in batch verification email reports.
  • AT-1355 – Support to create lookup fields on managed fields and new address field type fields.
  • AT-1351 – Added support to use the same report multiple times in scheduled address verification.

AT 8.0

  • AT-1350 – Bugfix for displaying an empty picklist field to the address component when verification disabled.
  • AT-1353 – If org owns a site license, Licenses in the AddressTools Administration displays Site License instead of -1.
  • AT-1287 – AddressTools Override PowerSearch no longer truncates the search results.
  • AT-1346 – Improved handling for when Salesforce State & Country picklists are enabled, unknown state & country values returned by PowerSearch that do not exist in AT & SF datasets result in an error.
  • AT-1328 – Bugfix for PowerSearch address verification producing a transient error “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘info’)”
  • AT-1324 – Bugfix for Lookup ZIP functionality throwing “Null reference exception” when state is set to none
  • AT-1293 – PowerSearch functionality to disable if Enable Premise-Level AV (pw_ccpro__PremiseLevelAddressVerificationEnabled__c) is disabled for the custom setting
  • AT-1151 – Introduction of the Address Label Field via for use with address verification (ideal for envelope printing)
  • AT-1307 – Unify existing service end-points into a new single end-point (
  • AT-1296 – Add and populate new custom setting field for responding to verification “address label” field.
  • AT-1306 – Clicking the verify button in the Record Page Component throws error linked with incompatible country format for picklist.
  • AT-1303 – Unison of state and country lists is incorrect for text fields vs picklist fields.
  • AT-1302 – Bugfix for unexpected standardization output when using an org where some state & country fields are picklists and some are text fields
  • AT-1300 – When picklists are not enabled for the address block that is being used in AddressTools, fields should just be text fields.
  • AT-1316 – Support State & Country Picklists in Override – Embed Record Page Component.
  • AT-1316 – Verification related fields will be stripped from the override layout and redrawn automatically when verification functionality is enabled.
  • AT-1314 – Using Lookup ZIP will retain a valid value where in a previous example it would convert US to United States. 
  • AT-1278 – Bugfix for AddressTools override duplicate message getting stuck. 
  • AT-1292 – Get data estimate size in MB from service’s database of records to install and present to user on installation modal. 
  • AT-1290 – Display the organisation’s remaining storage on the data installation page. 
  • AT-1289 – Catch error when trying to create a new Address Block when the organisation’s storage limit is reached in AddressTools Administration page 
  • AT-1285 – Implement interactive support for State & Country picklists in Record Page Component 
  • AT-1285 – Improve the unison logic between the AddressTools country and state dataset and the Salesforce state and country dataset. 
  • AT-1291 – Add options for user to select what data-points they want to install in the data installation step. 

AT 7.96

  • AT-1288 – Add installation of Alternative Country Names and Alternative State Names to lightning installer.

AT 7.95

  • AT-1273 – Improve override component pre-population logic of lookup fields.
  • AT-1283 – Add Salesforce Record ID to all errors generated in verification error report.
  • AT-1284 – Improvement to local time component for US states.

PT 20220228

  • PT-392 – Improve phone screening logic and remove retired parameters

PT 2.1

  • PT-392 – Improve phone screening logic and remove retired parameters

SICOM 1.17

  • SIM-17 – Add support for service origin.

SI 2.61

  • SIM-17 – add support for service origin.