SI 2.7.2 (service)

2.7.2 (service)

  • SI-670 – CI Lightning Component
  • SI-278 – Refresh or navigate away from the SimpleImport page whilst uploading raises an alert.
  • SI-512 – Undo warning message text improvements
  • SI-645 – Bugfix for curated import browse button not appearing when error is thrown on import process
  • SI-648 – Save mapping fix when campaign member status from file is chosen
  • SI-432 – Multi-criteria field matching for updating records
  • SI-627 – Support other common .CSV delimiters
  • SI-307 – Curated import performance improvements
  • SI-518 – Support importing to audit fields
  • SI-521 – Added support for mapping campaign-member status from file
  • SI-588 – Import Success Report now shows only imported columns in file
  • SI-608 – Curated import custom footer text controlled from Preferences
  • SI-622 – Bugfix for files containing NULL characters in row 1 which caused fatal errors
  • SI-633 – Generate curated import custom settings directly from preference page
  • SI-634 – Terminology improvements on mapping page
  • SI-666 – Create Custom Setting alert language changes