SI 2.44 (package)

2.44 (package)

  • SI-559 – Switch to Visualforce page from web-tab
  • SI-582 – Improvement with classic curated import overlay
  • SI-672 – Curated Import lightning component

SI 2.4.2 (service)

2.4.2 (service)

  • Bugfix to match saved mappings with new line characters in file column headers (SI-576)

SI 2.4.1 (service)

2.4.1 (service)

  • Bugfix for handling sheets with one cell filled (SI-555)
  • Improved multi-sheet handling to allow for any valid sheets to be imported and corrupt sheets to be ignored (SI-495)

SI 2.3.1 (service)

2.3.1 (service)

  • CSV writer to use UTF-8 BOM instead of UTF-16-LE (SI-280)

SI 2.3.1 (service)

2.3.1 (service)

  • Pressing the back button allowed user to import the same file again (SI-513)
  • New warning message if the user tries to save a mapping without all fields required being mapped (SI-514)

SI 2.1 (service)

2.1 (service)

  • Update via field mapping implemented (SI-178, SI-317, SI-358)
  • Increased file size limit (SI-355, SI-357, SI-358)
  • Performance optimisation (SI-366)
  • New option to create new record if a match is not found using the update functionality (SI-320)

SI 2.0 (service)

2.0 (service)

  • New feature to rename saved mappings (SI-168)
  • Assignment rules for leads now available (SI-271)
  • Bug fix with time / date values (SI-282)
  • New curated lead import feature (SI-231, SI-297, SI-305)

SI 1.8 (service)

1.8 (service)

  • New feature to restrict what objects and fields users can import to (SI-134)
  • New setting to configure import batch size located in custom settings (SI-165)