SI 1.7 (service)

1.7 (service)

  • Import to campaign bugfix (SI-167)
  • Bugfix in Safari browser where licence is not found (SI-136)

SI 1.6 (service)

1.6 (service)

  • Improved error handling (SI-35, SI-90)
  • Backend upgrade (SI-126)
  • Update to progress bar (SI-123, SI-127)
  • New feature to support the event of an import failure

SI 1.5 (service)

1.5 (service)

  • SimpleImport now offers the ability to delete records from Salesforce based on SFID.
  • Autosaved schemas are now not available if a user does not have permissions to custom map imports.
  • Bug fixes, resulting in enhanced stability and interaction

SI 1.4 (service)

1.4 (service)

  • SimpleImport now works on all Salesforce-supported browsers and versions!
  • Significant performance optimisation across the application!
  • Supports drag-and-drop of files for uploading.
  • File and sheet names displayed on Object Selection page.
  • Added download link next to the uploaded file.
  • Now supports scheme name lengths up to 1000 characters.
  • Better error feedback to the user.
  • Flash is no longer necessary to upload files.
  • Multiple file selection and uploading.
  • Salesforce now queried in the background improving initial load time.
  • Toggle to allow custom mappings to objects within SimpleImport Custom Settings. (only available with Premium)

SI 1.0 (service)

1.0 (service)

  • Confirmation box to undo an imported file
  • Ability to remove files that are not being received (after 30 mins)
  • Detailed error message shows on file row if import has failed
  • Sesson timeout error fixed
  • Progress bar no longer steps back

PT 1.92


  • Optimisation to trigger code

PT 1.89


  • PT-352 – Bugfix for reading fields to screen values when record types are enabled

PT 1.87


  • PT-344 – Further improvements to batch failure reporting

PT 1.84


  • PT-344 – Improvements to batch failure reporting