SI Winter’22 20211129

  • Introduce Import Type page.
  • Introduce Import Summary page.
  • Save and Load Mapping changes.
  • Removed the need to Create Custom Setting for ManagedImport mappings.
  • Error messages improved.
  • Added Constant Values to mapping.
  • Improved Field finder search.
  • See the SimpleImport: User Guide for updated usage.

SI 2.57

  • SIM-5 – Updated API versions.

SI 20211118

  • SI-1235 – Improved support for Date/Time fields

AT 7.94

  • AT-1167 – Introduced two new PowerSearch settings. Allowed Countries, Priority Country. Find out more.
  • AT-1259 – US-ZIP lookup field will now populate without a state value if the country is United States.

SI 20210929

  • SI-1252 – resolved ‘required’ field StatusCode on the Order object.

AT 7.93

  • AT-1264 – Add Return Company in Street option for address verification
  • AT-1264 – Bug fixes for address block recognition using address verification with record types
  • AT-1261 – Added support for custom fields to be added to the URL to pass values to the override component
  • AT-1267 – Changes to AddressTools Administration Default Country installation
  • AT-1256 – Verification service will always attempt to return an English address format where available

SI 20210825

  • [SI-1246] Direct support for CampaignMember object

SI 20210819

SI 20210819

  • [SI-1234] Removed browser alerts and replaced them with in-app notifications

SI 20210804

SI 20210804

  • [SI-1229] Added support for fields that are only creatable
  • [SI-1229] Added support for fields that are only updatable

SI 20210719

SI 20210719

  • [SI-1230] Insert the matching field during upsert jobs