SimpleImport: Review import, save mapping, and import

This article will cover:

  • Reviewing the import summary page.
  • Saving a current mapping.
  • Submit the import.

Reviewing the import summary page

Getting this far means that we’re ready to start importing, but before we submit the job for processing, let’s take a look at the summary page.

The summary page contains:

  • Your selections – the file name you’re working with and the objects you’re importing into.
  • Matching – if the import is an update or upsert, a description of the matching conditions.
  • Mapping – a summary of the amount of fields mapped.
  • Job estimation – an estimate for how many records will be inserted or updated.
  • Save mapping – manage storing the mapping for reuse.

This is the last chance to review your configuration before hitting Submit. If you need to make any changes, use the Back button in the footer of the app to navigate to your desired page.

Save the current mapping

SimpleImport is designed to streamline repeat imports, whether it be through the SimpleImport application, or by using ManagedImport. Either approach relies on a saved mapping.

You have the option to save a mapping once you reach the summary page.

If you loaded an existing mapping and made some changes that you want to keep, use the Save button to update the existing mapping.

To save a new mapping, use the Save As button and provide a name when prompted.

If you are working with a multi-sheet workbook and planning to use the mapping with ManagedImport, tick Store the current sheet name in mapping for use with ManagedImport.

  • If this setting is left unchecked, ManagedImport will always select the first sheet in the workbook.
  • If the user exports a sheet as a .CSV from the workbook, ManagedImport will check the mapping automatically to see if it is a match before attempting to import. This is because sheet names are not supported in .CSVs.

Go, go, go!

Everything has been covered for configuring an import and you’re ready to go. When you’re happy, press Submit.

You will be navigated back to the Home and Upload screen where you can monitor the file’s progress and results once the job has been completed by viewing the tile’s state. You can refer back to the file states and actions article for more information.

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