SimpleImport: Uploading files

Welcome to your new favourite importing solution

When you access SimpleImport for the first time you will be taken to the home page. This is where all uploaded files can be seen and monitored.

Files are represented as individual tiles that contain relevant information. This could be the next best action, or if an import job has been completed, a summary of the results. We will cover the different file states in a later article.

Uploading a file

Did you know SimpleImport supports uploading CSV, XLSX, XLS, ODS and more?

To get started Drag & drop your spreadsheet file into the dotted placeholder, or select Click to upload to choose a file from your computer to upload.

The file will begin to upload and generate a new file tile. It is important to stay on the SimpleImport home page whilst the file upload is in progress.

You will know when the file upload has been completed when one of the two next best actions will be visible:

  1. Choose a sheet – if the file uploaded contains multiple sheets you will be prompted to choose a sheet. Select Choose a sheet then select the sheet you want to process. You will be pushed to the next best action once a sheet has been selected.
  2. Import to Salesforce – if the file uploaded only contains a single sheet, SimpleImport will prepare the sheet for processing.

With the tile now in one of the two above states, move onto the next article to continue on your journey.

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