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Empower admins, users or partners to safely and easily import spreadsheet data into Salesforce®. Use standard Salesforce permissions to restrict users or custom permissions for further control. SimpleImport is entirely cloud based meaning no client download required.

Check out the Managed Import feature that allows for a fully guided import experience. Users only need to upload a populated template spreadsheet which will then import to a preconfigured object and field mapping, ideal for a Community implementation allowing for safe record upsertion with limited risk.

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Make your address data work for you as soon as it hits the org, don’t spend time battling bad values after the fact. AddressTools provides a suite of functionality to validate, verify, correct, and standardize your addresses at the point of entry. Interactive functionality helps users to insert valid addresses the first time around, and automated functionality can standardize and verify addresses inserted into your Org from any source.

Whether you’re using Lightning or Classic, on standard fields or custom, AddressTools can help. Go for full global postal address verification with premise level accuracy, or simply validate US ZIP against City and State; pick the functionality that fits your requirements and budget.

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TPS/CTPS – If your organization is making direct calls to individuals or organizations in the UK, PECR regulation requires the screening of those numbers against the Telephone Preference Service databases. PhoneTools offers automated or manual screening against the TPS and Corporate TPS databases, providing clear guidance on registered numbers.

Click to Dial – Make outbound calls, or draft and send SMS from within Salesforce®, through your mobile handset. A simple speed boost for your sales team, and automatic logging of all outbound activity in Salesforce on the relevant records.

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Classifying accounts into specific industries is vital to correctly segment your data for reporting and analysis. This task can be both difficult and long-winded using the standard Salesforce interface as it requires users to look up the correct code outside of Salesforce® with no validation that the value entered is valid.

With IndustryComplete your users can easily and reliably lookup a correct SIC code and industry within seconds. Populate with included ISIC rev 4, NAICS07, or USSIC87 standard where each SIC is mapped to one of the standard Salesforce industry values.

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