The ultimate industry code search tool for Salesforce

Quickly and easily search for NAICS / SIC / ISIC with our interactive lookup tool, select one and then watch as the Industry auto-completes. Remove the ambiguity from industry selection without ever having to leave your Salesforce® org.

Why is this so valuable? Enhancing your industry data means better audience segmentation, better pipeline analysis, better-targeted marketing, and more. IndustryComplete benefits your whole business!

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Save time with complete accuracy

  • Your users can easily and reliably lookup a correct industry within seconds
  • Each industry code is mapped to an Industry value so that Industry is always and automatically completed correctly

Easy to use and customizable

  • No time-consuming external tools. Do all of your industry searching in your Salesforce® org without ever having to leave the account or lead!
  • IndustryComplete is completely customizable – you can quickly adjust, add, re-map or even replace industry values to fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IndustryComplete native to Salesforce®?

Yes – thanks to our user-friendly Lightning component! Do all of your industry searching in your Salesforce org without ever having to leave the lead or account. Get rid of time-consuming external tools.

What about Salesforce® existing industry picklists?

All installed standards – NAICS, SIC and iSIC – are already mapped with Salesforce’s standard industry values.

Is IndustryComplete automated?

IndustryComplete gives you manual control. And here’s why: there is no true source of industry standards applied to businesses and many businesses can span multiple industry sectors. This means that creating an automated process can lead to inaccurate data that does more harm than good. Take total control with IndustryComplete. For example, if a business has multiple sectors and you only want to flag the one that is most applicable to you, then you have complete control to customise the tool to fit your needs

I’ve customized Salesforce’s standard industry values. Can I still use IndustryComplete?

Yes! All industry code data is stored on the installed Industry Codes object once you install the package. You can go through these records and update the dedicated Industry value to match your customized values!

Do you support leads?

Yes! As of October 2021, you can use IndustryComplete on both accounts and leads for even better data segmentation!

IndustryComplete pricing

IndustryComplete starts at $2,500 USD for a site license per year. We also offer pricing in £GBP.

Try IndustryComplete for yourself with a two week free trial with 200 users!

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