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Why AddressTools?

Data quality plays a critical role in the success of most processes in any Salesforce org. AddressTools is sure to make cumbersome data correction a thing of the past!

– Andreea Doroftei @ Salesforce Ben

Global address verification

Enhance your territory management, reduce delivery failures, simplify reporting… it all starts with good address data. Update your records with typeahead suggestions, scheduled address verification and manual interactive batch jobs. Check out our PowerSearch address verification video to find out more!

Verification Flow Component

Empower your flows and custom Lightning components with a fully customizable Premise-Level Address Verification component. Apply custom CSS and configure field displays to fit your requirements. No code needed!

Advanced validation rules

Improve address data at the point of entry with flexible validation rules using included Country State and US ZIP values.

Country & state standardization

Simplify reporting and improve administrative processes by standardizing country and state values to your preferred format.

Capitalize on US county data

Autopopulate exact county values using both our interactive and automated postal address verification. If you don’t need full postal verification, populate county values using ZIP based values.

Interactive data entry

Optimize your workflow with time-saving and user-friendly interactivity. Includes US ZIP Code Lookup, QuickComplete Country, Interactive State and Country Picklists and Premise-Level Address Verification.

Enhanced address editor

View and edit standard or custom address fields with the AddressTools Lightning Component. See the current local time, or edit and verify the address with ease, anywhere in Salesforce®, including Community Cloud®.

Custom configuration for profiles and users

Customize AddressTools settings for different profiles and users in your organization. You decide which data hits Salesforce®.

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