Take the worry out of bad address data in your Salesforce org by keeping all of your addresses validated, verified and standardised.

Verification Flow Component

Empower your flows and custom Lightning components with our fully customisable Address Verification Flow Component. Autocomplete addresses in your flows with verified data in 5 keystrokes or less. No code needed!

Global address verification

Enhance your territory management, reduce delivery failures, simplify reporting… it all starts with good address data. Update your records with typeahead suggestions, scheduled address verification and manual interactive batch jobs. Check out our PowerSearch address verification video to find out more!

Why AddressTools?

Data quality plays a critical role in the success of most processes in any Salesforce org. AddressTools is sure to make cumbersome data correction a thing of the past!

– Andreea Doroftei @ Salesforce Ben


Advanced validation rules

Improve address data at the point of entry with flexible validation rules using included Country State and US ZIP values.

Country & State standardisation

Simplify reporting and improve administrative processes by standardising country and state values to your preferred format.

Capitalize on US county data

Autopopulate exact county values using both our interactive and automated postal address verification. If you don’t need full postal verification, populate county values using ZIP based values.

Interactive data entry

Optimize your workflow with time-saving and user-friendly interactivity. Includes US ZIP Code Lookup, QuickComplete Country, Interactive State and Country Picklists and Premise-Level Address Verification.

Enhanced address editor

View and edit standard or custom address fields with the AddressTools Lightning Component. See the current local time, or edit and verify the address with ease, anywhere in Salesforce®, including Community Cloud®.

Custom configuration for profiles and users

Customize AddressTools settings for different profiles and users in your organization. You decide which data hits Salesforce®.

Got questions? Chat to us!

There’s only so much we can fit onto a web page so if you’re interested in finding out more about how AddressTools can integrate with your Salesforce, use the scheduler to book a call with our team and start your journey to better address data.

Can’t find a time that works for you or would rather email first? Fill out the Contact form with any questions you may have and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Want to get started now?

Don’t want to wait for a call? Don’t worry! You can install AddressTools immediately from the AppExchange on a 14-day free trial.

We have a comprehensive installation walkthrough to get you up and running in no time!


Pricing overview

Our pricing starts at $2,000 USD per org* per year. (*based on an org with 50 or fewer users.)

We offer not-for-profit discounts on AddressTools licenses. Get in touch to find out more!

Credits for global premise-level address verification start at $825 USD. Check out our pricing guide and get in touch with us at for more information and a bespoke quote.

Frequently asked questions

Can I validate or verify my addresses against global postal authorities such as USPS, Canada Post or Royal Mail?

Yes you can! Alongside purchasing your AddressTools licenses, you can purchase lookup credits to verify your addresses against global postal authorities. Check out our pricing guide for more information or contact us at for an accurate quote.

Do you support US county values?

Yes! You can autopopulate exact county values using both our real-time and automated postal address verification. If you don’t need full postal verification, you can populate US-county values using US-ZIP based values.

Does AddressTools support custom objects and custom fields?

Yes! AddressTools Premium supports custom objects and text fields.

Can I add my own country and state data or make changes to existing values?

Yes – you have full control over any of the data installed in your organization. The package provides 7 custom objects which are populated with records which act as the data backbone for the product. These can be updated just as you would edit any other record in your environment.

I have address data being entered in many different formats. Can AddressTools handle this?

Alternative Country/State Names is a feature supported in the Premium version of AddressTools. In this, you can add a list of acceptable values for a single country/state, some common data is provided out-the-box such as England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland being acceptable values for the United Kingdom. Global standards are also acceptable out of the box such as ISO-2 and ISO-3.

Can I choose which addresses to verify?

Yes you can! You can manually verify addresses in real-time on a per-record basis or you can schedule automated verification for records defined in a Salesforce report. Further flexibility is available, just drop us a line!

I’m a Not-for-Profit. Do you offer any discount?

Great! AddressTools Premium supports the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). We love working with nonprofits and we offer Not-For-Profit discounts on all of our products, including our AddressTools licenses. Please do get in touch with us to talk through your specific requirements.

Does AddressTools support foreign language country names?

AddressTools Premium supports standardisation of not only ISO country values, but also local language names and global German, French and Spanish country names. AddressTools Free is limited to ISO values, e.g. US/USA/United States.

Our Salesforce environment is fairly complex. Are you able to integrate AddressTools in tricky use cases?

We’re Salesforce experts and have seen many crazy organizations in our time! The solution is extremely versatile and can be implemented in many different ways. To be sure if we can support you, we’d love to discuss your requirements and see how we can make AddressTools work for you. Please get in touch!

Can I standardise, validate, and verify addresses entered in a Digital Experiences (Communities)?

Yes! AddressTools has a number of features that can help in real-time i.e. during user registration, or searching for a shipping address during checkout. AddressTools will verify and standardise the data right there at the point of entry!

What editions of Salesforce does AddressTools support?

AddressTools has been tested and implemented in the following editions, however it is not limited to the list below.

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Nonprofit Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Higher Ed Cloud
  • Government (Plus) Cloud

We always recommend taking the product for a spin using our free 14-day trial and getting in contact if you have any questions.

Comparison Chart

Country and state dataset tick tick tick tick
US ZIP code dataset
US city from ZIP code
US primary county from ZIP code
Alternative country names
tick tick
Alternative state names
tick tick
International dialling codes
Custom object support
Custom field support
Autofill lookup fields from address input
Different rules per record type
Configure per user/profile
tick tick
Visualforce page support
Field Validations
Prevent records from being saved with enforced validation
Allow only listed countries tick
tick tick
Country mandatory tick
tick tick
Street line 1 mandatory per country
tick tick
Street line 2 mandatory per country
City mandatory per country
tick tick
State mandatory per country
tick tick
Allow only listed states per country
tick tick
ZIP/Postal code mandatory per country
tick tick
Validate postal code against RegEx per country
City and state validation against US ZIP code
Standardise country and state values in Salesforce simplifying reporting
Country tick
tick tick
Store country as Full Name
Full Name ISO-2, ISO 3, Full Name, Local Name (Latin characters), Local Name (Native characters)
State tick
tick tick
Store state as Full Name
Full Name 2-Letter Sub-Code, Full Name
Enhance address entry with features to increase productivity and reduce mistakes
Lightning override n/a n/a
Lightning address editor n/a n/a
QuickComplete Country
Classic only tick
Country suggestions tick tick Classic only tick
State suggestions tick tick Classic only tick
US ZIP code lookup
Current local time
Premise-Level Address Verification 1
Verify global addresses in Salesforce up to a premise level
Click to verify
PowerSearch typeahead
Yes, but not postal verified
Accurate county
Address verification status
Interactive batch
Scheduled batch
Process builder