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Screen against UK TPS and CTPS lists to assist with PECR compliance. All within Salesforce with no coding required.

TPS and CTPS compliance data

Instant access to screen Salesforce records against the TPS and CTPS lists sourced directly from the DMA with daily refreshes.

number screened against UK TPS and CTPS database in phonetools
automate screening

Automate screening

PhoneTools will automatically screen any numbers that have a phone screening status of “overdue” or “not checked” daily.

Keep data within Salesforce

Save valuable time by screening within Salesforce with no need for users to get distracted by going to external web pages.

data in salesfroce
tps screening manual

Manual checking for reps on the fly

Instantly check the status of a new number by clicking Screen Phone Numbers.

Simple to adopt traffic light system

Numbers need to be screened every 28 days to remain compliant with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). PhoneTools lets you instantly view the status of the phone numbers on the record and informs users of when the next screen due date is.

traffic light screening tps
billing for compliance

Sensible billing, built for compliance

Each record consumes one credit per month, which covers all the screening of every number on the record.

Additional JSON output to allow for custom development

Get technical and enhance your use case by leveraging the configurable Phone Screening Results field.


Screening status available for reporting, queues and workflows

Run reports instantly within Salesforce by reporting against the Phone Screening status field, and include screening status in your outbound call queue functionality.

Pay for only the records that require screening

Create a formula to only screen records that need screening as opposed to screening your entire database.


Call and SMS

Have records’ phone numbers displayed to users, giving them the ability to call and SMS with the PhoneTools lightning component.