AddressTools Premium: Understanding QuickComplete Country functionality

What is QuickComplete Country?

QuickComplete Country allows you to install a default country for each of your users. When using interactive functionality in AddressTools, the default country will appear as a quick link next to the country field so your users can click it to pre-fill the value. If you are not using interactive functionality, the trigger has the ability to auto-populate the country field if it is left null.

Trigger behaviour

When QuickComplete Country is enabled, it has the ability to automatically populate the country field with the default country value without any direct user interaction. This will operate when a change is made to any configured address fields when the country field is left null. If all address fields are left null or untouched, the default country will not be populated into the country field.

Interactive behaviour

When using either the Lightning Record Page component or the AddressTools override, a link will become visible next to the country field prompting the user to select it to quickly enter the default country value into the country field.

QuickComplete and ZIP Code Lookup

By installing United States as the default country, ZIP Code Lookup will fire without having to enter United States in the country field.

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