AddressTools Premium: Understanding Lookup ZIP functionality

What is Lookup ZIP functionality?

The Lookup ZIP functionality in AddressTools is an interactive method for Salesforce users to automatically populate the US city and state based on ZIP code, and visually verify these values. ZIP codes relate to US post offices branches, and can span multiple cities depending on population density.

How does Lookup ZIP work for users?

When a user inputs a valid 5 digit ZIP code, Lookup ZIP will automatically populate the state, and either populate the city if there is a single value available, or present a picklist of valid cities. As the US is not the only country that uses 5 digit post codes, you can have the solution assume the user is inputting a US address by specifying the QuickComplete Country for the user, or the user can input ‘United States’ in the Country field.

The user will also get a visual notification, with a green tick, or a red ‘x’, indicating whether or not the City, State and ZIP are a valid combination.

The functionality will automatically fire when the user enters the fifth digit of the ZIP, but for existing records, the “Lookup ZIP” link can be used to engage the functionality to populate city and state.

How is the ZIP data managed?

All ZIP, city and state data is included with the AddressTools package in the Country, State and ZIP Codes objects. This data is populated during the data installation stage of the setup, and can be updated with our latest dataset by navigating to the AddressTools Administration | Installation tab.

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