AddressTools Premium: Understanding the AddressTools Record Page Component

What is the AddressTools Record Page Component?

The AddressTools Record Page Component is your one-stop widget for handling anything address related on a record. Quickly verify an address, check the local time, or make some quick changes optimized with additional interactive functionality.

The component is designed to sit on a lightning record page where an address block exists giving your users quick access to everything they need without distraction.

What functionality can I access when using the AddressTools Record Page Component?

The AddressTools Record Page lightning component gives you access to the following features at the point of record entry:

  • Quick address edit
  • Local time
  • Type-ahead PowerSaerch address verification
  • Address status
  • ZIP Code Lookup
  • Country and State suggestion picklists
  • QuickComplete Country default country selection

Are there any limitations when using the AddressTools Record Page Component?

None – this component is designed to build on top of your existing lightning record pages and provide your users with a quick widget to handle everything address related on the record.

Do I need to use the AddressTools Record Page Component?

AddressTools’ interactive functionality cannot be implemented on the standard detail component that Salesforce provide in Lightning so we recommend using this component whenever you require editing an address for an existing record. It is also essential that for any interactive functionality such as type-ahead PowerSearch address verification, this component must be used.

As there are no negatives to using the component, there’s no harm in popping it in your Lightning Record Pages for your users to enjoy and once they are familiar with how to interact with it, it can save them loads of time!

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