Interview: Comscore standardises their Salesforce address data with AddressTools

“AddressTools solved our use case of standardizing our account data for current and future accounts in our organization.”

Alexis Johnson, Sales Operations Analyst at Comscore

Comscore is a trusted partner for planning, transacting, and evaluating media across platforms. With vast audience insights that combine digital, linear TV, over-the-top (OTT) and theatrical viewership, they combine reliable third-party measurement with transformative data science to provide insight into multi-screen behavior and help businesses grow.

An interview with Alexis Johnson, Sales Operations Analyst at Comscore

Alexis Johnson explains Comscore’s need for standardized addresses in Salesforce, and how AddressTools gave them the native easy-to-learn solution they were looking for.

What specific challenges were you trying to solve that made you look for a solution?

We were seeking an address standardization service for our Salesforce organization that would:

  • standardize addresses for existing and future account data.
  • meet this requirement for a third-party integration within our Salesforce org.
  • fulfill our overall need for data integrity and completion.

How was your search for a solution?

There were other vendors that were considered, however AddressTools offered a great package that met all of our needs. It offered the perfect solution to standardize our addresses, and to help align our data to meet the requirements needed for the third party integration.

How easy is it to use AddressTools? 

It was extremely easy to install the application into our org and configure the settings. Our Account Manager was very helpful in ensuring a successful installation, and setting up the package settings to meet our requirements and needs.

How long did it take to train your users?

We did not roll out a formal training, but for our internal teams, it took about an hour to explain the configuration on the backend.

How does AddressTools solve the problems you had with your process?

AddressTools solved our use case of standardizing our account data for current and future accounts in our organization.

What is your experience working with the ProvenWorks Support team?

Excellent; the Support team was extremely communicative and helped with any questions or concerns that we had whilst implementing AddressTools.

Why AddressTools?

It is a great address standardization service, is extremely easy to install and configure in Salesforce, and they provide excellent customer service. Would definitely recommend!

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