AddressTools Premium: Install a default country for all users (optional)

Install a default value to all user records

To use QuickComplete Country functionality, you are required to install a default country. This populates the custom field pw_ccpro__QuickCompleteCountry__c on the User object for all users in the organization.

You can find out more about the QuickComplete by reading the article here. This is covered later in the installation walkthrough.

To install a default country:

  • Go to App Launcher | AddressTools Administration.
  • Use the picklist and select a Country under Default Country Installation.
  • If the picklist is empty, you may need to refresh the page after completing a data installation.
  • Select Install.

A process will begin in the background to populate the records in the organization. The time taken will vary in relation to how many users are in your organization.

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The Salesforce Ben review of AddressTools is live 🚀

Andreea Doroftei talks through the key features of AddressTools as well as ideal use cases, setup effort, and how this app could be a great addition to your Salesforce org.

AddressTools is the ultimate package for address validation, standardization & verification.

Check out this in-depth review of AddressTools for Salesforce by Andreea for Salesforce Ben.

Interested in seeing it for yourself?

If you’re interested in finding out more about AddressTools, use the scheduler below to book a call with our team.

Malala Fund grows a clean donor database with AddressTools

“AddressTools is the greatest gift for a database manager.”
Sarah Albright, Development Associate at Malala Fund

Scaling with a clean donor database means that Malala Fund can focus on advocating for girls’ education

Malala Fund is working for a world where all girls can learn and lead. Malala Fund advocates for resources and policy changes needed to give all girls a secondary education, investing in local education leaders and amplifying the voices of girls fighting for change.

As an international not-for-profit, Malala Fund receives donations from around the world in lots of different ways. This success has brought its own huge challenge around data quality. Address data is vital for Malala Fund to connect with these supporters and the address data coming into their system was incomplete, inaccurate and inconsistent.

A growing donor database brings its own challenges

Malala Fund has experienced significant growth in their supporter base in recent years. Their global presence means they receive donations from a huge number of sources including social media, online fundraising platforms, website, physical mail and correspondence with individual high-level donors.

“Data cleaning became a full-time job in itself!” Sarah Albright, Development Associate

Malala Fund relies on the information from these sources to help them reach out to their supporters but Malala Fund had no way to ensure that the imported addresses were clean. Each platform and funding source handed over address data differently, with different abbreviations and sometimes just missing data.

This forced Malala Fund to spend hours each week of their dedicated manual administrative time to clean up their donor address data and track down their donors to ensure that correspondence, fundraising campaigns and ‘thank yous’ would reach the people supporting them.

“As a young, growing organization, you don’t realise how important clean data is.” Kanika Mannan, Corporate and Foundation Relations Officer

Future proofing Malala Fund’s data with AddressTools

“A seamless onboarding process and super quick setup.” Sarah Albright, Development Associate at Malala Fund

To solve their challenges around address data, Malala Fund installed AddressTools from the AppExchange. They set up the solution’s validation and standardization rules on the state and country fields.

This means that all of the address data they collect from different sources is clean and consistent when imported into Salesforce.

Standardizing and validating state and country data for at least 153 countries, and that list is growing…

– Saving administrative time

Malala Fund has over 240,000 addresses in its system! On a weekly and even daily basis, Malala Fund saves hours previously spent on manually cleaning up their address data. The team can put their time to much better use, leaving AddressTools to take care of their addresses.

– Peace of mind

Longer term, Malala Fund has peace of mind that all their donor address data coming into Salesforce is valid and clean when it hits the org. As a growing organization, they have a solution in place that is scalable as their donor database grows.

– Clean reporting

Malala Fund can confidently run reporting, measuring and better optimize its fundraising efforts thanks to clean and standardized donor address data.

– Better targeted campaigns

Having clean donor address data empowers Malala Fund to create targeted and strategic campaigns to drive their fundraising, like their annual year end campaign.

Why Malala Fund recommends ProvenWorks

“AddressTools will continue to save us time as our donor database grows. People don’t realise the importance of clean data in a young organization. When you get it right early, it can save you so much time and money down the road. ProvenWorks have been great to work with from onboarding through to making sure we got set up and implemented.”

Sarah Albright, Development Associate

Feeling inspired?

Get in contact with us to explore cleaning up your own address data with AddressTools. It’s that simple.

Help Malala Fund create a world where all girls can learn

Find out more about Malala Fund and support the work of educators and advocates who are helping bolster girls’ secondary education around the world.

AddressTools: This app can’t be upgraded

App can't be upgraded

Why am I getting this error?

There are a number of reasons why this error can be shown but most commonly it is linked with upgrading the package to the latest version where some of its functionality may have been retired.

If the error mentions the new package version removes some of its components, see the steps below on how to successfully upgrade.

How to resolve

When we retire functionality in the AddressTools package, you are required to follow an upgrade path to work your way to the latest version.

Step 1: Identify the version of AddressTools currently installed

When in Salesforce, locate the current version of AddressTools you have installed.

  • Go to Salesforce Setup.
  • Navigate to Installed Packages.
  • Make note of the version number next to AddressTools Premium.
Step 2: Check the AddressTools release notes

Navigate to the AddressTools release notes located on the ProvenWorks website and find the version that is currently installed in Salesforce.

Step 3: Locate “Bridge” packages in the release notes between current installed and latest version

After finding the version you currently have installed, read through the release notes until you reach the latest version.

When reviewing each release, identify any “Bridge” packages. These will have a Sandbox and Production install link available (shown in screenshot below).Bridge release notes

Step 4: Sequentially install the Bridge packages

When you first encounter a “Bridge” package, use the links provided in the release notes to upgrade to that version.

Wait for the installation to be successful and then if there are more “Bridge” packages, repeat this step for each “Bridge” package until there are no more in the release notes.

Step 5: Update to the latest version available on the AppExchange

Once the latest “Bridge” package is installed in your organization, immediately update to the latest version available via the Salesforce AppExchange.

Note: Bridge versions are designed to remove upgrade barriers and are not considered Stable. It is important to upgrade to the latest version available via the AppExchange listing.

Step 6: Done!

Good news! You’ve now successfully upgraded to the latest version of AddressTools and can enjoy all the latest functionality. If you have any issues following the steps above, reach out to noting how far you have got on your road to upgrading AddressTools and a member of the team will get back to you.

AddressTools Premium: Purchase address verification credits

Address verification credit pricing

Purchasing address verification credits is nice and simple, you’ll need one credit per address you verify, so we advise making a rough calculation to how many credits you’ll need for a year (but don’t worry if you’re short, you can always top-up your account if you’re running low).

The more credits you buy will result in a lower cost per credit, you can find our credit pricing guide here.

How to buy address verification credits In-App

When you’re ready to purchase address verification credits, you can do so by credit card In-App.

Note: A payment handling fee of 8% is added to any purchase made with a credit card. For payment via wire transfer, or if you require a custom quote, see the request a quote section.

  • Go to AddressTools Administration | Licensing & Credits.
  • Under Address Verification Credits, select Quote.
  • For either 5,000 or 10,000:
    • Select Quote under either 5,000 or 10,000 to add to your basket.
    • You will be redirected to your MyCommerce basket.
    • Enter your Billing Information.
    • Enter your Payment Information.
    • For us to associate your purchase with your Salesforce environment, enter your Salesforce Organization ID under the specified field in Additional Ordering Information.
    • Select Buy Now.
  • For a quantity over 10,000:
    • Under Custom, type the quantity.
    • Select Quote to generate an email to
    • Add any additional notes to the body of the email and Send.
    • A custom invoice will be generated for you by a member of the ProvenWorks team.

If you run out of credits or predict you’ll need some more, you can come back to this page any time to top-up, or speak to your ProvenWorks Account Manager if you already have an active subscription.

Note: After any credit purchase, a member of the ProvenWorks team will be in contact to verify the organization where you’d like to apply the credits.

Request a quote for address verification credits

Our team at ProvenWorks are here to help and will be able to work with you to purchase verification credits for your organization. If you’re buying credit volumes in excess of 10,000, we recommend speaking direct with our team.

Additionally, if you would like to:

  • Pay by wire transfer.
  • Add a Purchase Order Number to an invoice.
  • Add credits mid-year.

…or if you would prefer to deal with a human, send an email to listing the amount of credits you’d like to purchase. A member of the sales team will get back to you to with a custom quote for your approval. Once signed-off, you will receive an invoice to be paid.

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AddressTools Premium: Turn on address verification

Enabling address verification for the organization

Once all verification settings have been configured for each address block, verification needs to be enabled for the organization. In the event that you want to disable address verification for everyone, the following setting can be disabled.

  • Go to App Launcher | AddressTools Administration.
  • Select Settings from the sidebar.
  • Click the pencil next to Premise-Level Address Verification.
  • Tick the Premise-Level Address Verification checkbox.
  • Click Save.

Using address verification

Once address verification is enabled, it gives you access to multiple ways to verify an address.

For interactive type-ahead PowerSearch verification, you will now need to enhance your organization with at least one of the AddressTools Lightning Components, relevant articles can be found below:

If you’re looking for scheduling or automating address verification, check out the following How tos:

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AddressTools Premium: Install a default country and enable QuickComplete Country

Installing a default country for all users

One of the first steps during the installation walkthrough is ‘Installing a Default Country’. QuickComplete is the specific functionality in the solution that leverages this value to life. If you need to install a default country to all your users, follow the installing a default country article, then come back here when you’re done.

Installing a separate default country for different users

The user records in Salesforce are provided with a new field “QuickCompleteCountry (pw_ccpro__QuickCompleteCountry__c)” when AddressTools is installed. This field is what stores a text value of the default country for the user for use with QuickComplete Country. Before you can update the field in the user interface, add this field to the User page layout.

  • Navigate to the User record that you want to add a default country to.
  • Select Edit.
  • In the QuickComplete Country field, type the name of the country you want to add.
  • When complete, Save the record.
  • Repeat for any additional users you want to update.

Note: The QuickComplete Country field is a text field that can accept any value, however, you should only write in country names that you have installed in your organization. Failure to match these values may result in validation rules failing.

Enabling QuickComplete Country

  • Go to App Launcher | AddressTools Administration.
  • Select Settings from the sidebar.
  • Click the pencil next to QuickComplete Country Enabled and tick the checkbox.
  • Default country installation will become available once enabled. Use the Default Country Installation picklist to choose the default country for the organization.
  • Use the Save button.

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AddressTools Premium Installation Walkthrough

AddressTools Premium is the ultimate address functionality tool for Salesforce jam-packed with hundreds of features. This article will guide you through configuring the product for the first time and provide guidance on updating settings on an ongoing basis.

First-time initialization

Address block management

Validation rules



Lookup field population

QuickComplete Country

ZIP Code Lookup (US only)

Interactive functionality


How to purchase

How to: solve “Too many SOQL queries: 101” within AddressTools

AddressTools’ triggers handle the standardization, validation, and some elements of verification in a Salesforce organization where the solution is configured.

To guarantee that the solution does what it is designed to do, the functionality invoked by the trigger is designed to be recursive to guarantee it is the last operation in the transaction. This ensures that if there are any other processes executing that touch the address data during the transaction, AddressTools will reinvoke against the data in the record.

A side effect of this behaviour is that for some orgs, “Too many SOQL queries: 101” can occur during an insert or update operation, more commonly during mass operations or organization with lots of processes executing on the upsert operation.

To disable the looping behaviour, follow the steps below:

  • Go to App Launcher | AddressTools Administration.
  • Select the Settings sub-tab and scroll down to Trigger Settings.
  • Click the pencil next to the Run Trigger Only Once setting.
  • Tick the box to enable this setting.
  • Select Save.

If you are still experiencing issues and need assistance, contact

What is AddressTools?

We’re glad you asked! AddressTools is our 5* app for Salesforce which takes the worry out of bad address data by keeping all of your addresses validated, verified, corrected, and standardized. Like the sound of it? Try it for yourself on the AppExchange!

Improving location analysis with quality address data

Salesforce is one of the best CRM platforms out there, and with the acquisition of MapAnything, we’re pleased to see a focus on the importance of location-based use cases. But there’s STILL a problem… These solutions are only as good as the data you put into them. Whilst Salesforce offers a fantastic backbone for storing, organizing and reporting on your data, and MapAnything allows for advanced location analysis, what happens if the address data is invalid?

Many of our customers initially reach out to us with the low quality of their address data dragging down their mapping solutions. Whether it be data missing entirely, or incorrect values, poor data cripples the effectiveness and value of their mapping.

On average, 5% of deliveries will fail. Each failure carries not only the monetary cost of administration, re-handling and re-sending, but also the hidden costs of customer dissatisfaction. Marketing mailing is worthless if the copy never reaches the prospective client. Site visits can be delayed, or flummoxed entirely by an incorrect street or postal code.

So we understand the problem, how can we solve it?

At ProvenWorks, we provide an address quality solution called AddressTools which battles bad address data at the point of entry, both interactively and automatically.

Whether ensuring that spellings are correct or standardized, or that values are entered for certain countries, or fully verifying the address to the exact premise internationally, it all gets handled in Salesforce. Records are automatically flagged to notify the user whether or not an address is valid and deliverable.

Want to try out AddressTools?

Great news! Try AddressTools for free on the Salesforce AppExchange and start cleaning up your address data.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch with our Sales team to find out how we can improve your data quality in Salesforce!