AddressTools Free: Configure country-specific validation rules

Why are some validation rules country specific?

AddressTools allows you to configure some of its validation rules on a per-country basis.


United States

  • Allow Only Listed States = TRUE
  • State Mandatory = TRUE


  • Allow Only Listed States = FALSE
  • State Mandatory = TRUE

This above example can be seen in the screenshot below.

Country-specific validation rules are essential when certain elements of address data are required for different countries. These types of restrictions are particularly popular to avoid integration nightmares when data is pushed out to different systems.

Configuring the country-specific settings

To configure country-specific validation rules:

  • Go to App Launcher | AddressTools Free Administration.
  • Navigate to Country Specific Settings on the sidebar.
  • Configure the Multi-Select Picklists to your requirements by selecting a country in the relevant list and selecting the horizontal arrow to move it from one list to the other.
  • Once all items have been adjusted, select Save.

Note: despite a value existing in one of the enforced lists, the setting will not be enabled until it is checked in the address block configuration, followed by checking Validation Enabled in the settings tab. This will be covered in the following articles.

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