AddressTools Premium: Configure address verification for an address block

Bind additional address fields to an address block for use with verification

With the required fields created for address verification, they now need to be added to the address block followed by enabling address verification.

  • Go to App Launcher | AddressTools Administration.
  • From the sidebar, navigate to Address Blocks.
  • Select Edit next to the address block you want to modify.
  • Locate the Additional Address Fields section.
  • Bind the Address Status picklist to Status Field.
  • If applicable, bind the County field in the County Field option.
  • If applicable, bind the Address Label field in the Address Label option.

Enabling address verification for an address block

Once the field(s) are bound:

  • Scroll down to Address Verification Options.
  • Check Enable Premise-Level Address Verification.
  • Select Save.

Additional address verification options for an address block

  • Return Company in Street – To return a company/organization value when verifying an address, enable the checkbox for the address block. This will return the registered company/organization value to the first line in the configured street field.
  • City & Postal Code Are Always in Correct Fields – If your address data in Salesforce is always in the correct fields, it is recommended to check this option. It can reduce the number of ambiguous responses by providing a more defined query. If your address blocks have the potential to contain data in the incorrect address fields, this can result in Not Matched responses.
  • Force Street Address to Multi-Line – For specific use-cases where a sub-building value must solely appear on a separate line to the rest of the street address, you can use Force Street Address to Multi-Line and choose Sub-Building Always to Line 1 or Sub-Building Always to Line 2. This setting is only recommended for organizations with such specific requirement.

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