AddressTools Premium: Configure state standardization

State standardization format selection

We’ll start configuring the preferred state standardization format for each country. The available options are:

  • Full name
  • Sub-code

This allows you to use sub-code values for one country, and full name values for another.

To toggle between the two:

  • Go to the Countries tab.
  • Choose All.
  • Select Edit next to the country record.
  • Check Use Sub Country Code in State field.
  • Select Save.

Repeat these steps for each country you want this configured for.

Enable state standardization for an address block

Now that the desired state format has been configured for each country, head to the address blocks section to enable the state standardization for listed address blocks.

  • Navigate to App Launcher | AddressTools Administration.
  • From the sidebar, navigate to Address Blocks.
  • Select Edit next to the address block you want to modify.
  • Scroll to Global Settings.
  • Check Standardize State.
  • Select Save.

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