AddressTools Premium: Configure verification settings

Improving the PowerSearch results

PowerSearch functionality by default will search in over 245 countries up to the premise-level. Whilst powerful, this can lead to the results being diluted, especially if you know you are only working within specific countries, or have one country that you primarily work within.

To combat this, AddressTools has two settings to improve the results and customize them to your requirements.

  • Allowed Countries – PowerSearch address verification will only return address results from the listed countries. All available countries will be searched if this setting is left empty. You have the ability to choose up to 80 countries.
  • Priority Country – PowerSearch address verification will prioritize displaying results from this country.

To access these settings:

  • Go to App Launcher | AddressTools Administration.
  • Select Settings from the sidebar.
  • Click the pencil next to Allowed Countries or Priority Country.
  • In Allowed Countries, type and select the countries that your business will be verifying addresses in.
  • If your organization has a country that you’d like to prioritize in the search results, select this country from the Priority County picklist.
  • Click Save.

Note: these two setting will only impact PowerSearch address verification. Automated address verification relies on the country value entered in an existing address.

Batch address verification alerts

Batch address verification runs behind the scenes. This can be a fantastic option to automate address verification in your organization, however errors can happen! For example when a record is verified, an update will be pushed to the record when a result has been found. If, for whatever reason, this record cannot be updated, you need to know the operation has failed!

To ensure alerts are provided in the event of an error, a dedicated email address can be added to the AddressTools settings. By default the email address of the installing user will be populated in this field but you may wish to change this.

  • Go to App Launcher | AddressTools Administration.
  • Select Settings from the sidebar.
  • Click the pencil next to Batch Verification Alert Email Address.
  • Enter the email address to send the alerts to.
  • Click Save.

Note: your organization may be required to change the Access to Send Email organization setting to All email. This is located in Setup | Email | Deliverability.

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