AddressTools Premium: Understanding address verification in AddressTools

What is address verification?

Address verification is the process of ensuring address data is accurate, misspellings are corrected, and that missing data is provided (such as US ZIP+4®). AddressTools can also provide an additional county data point returned during the process. The term “address validation” can sometimes be used to describe this process, but when in the context of AddressTools, address validation refers to validation rules.

Is there an additional cost to address verification?

Address verification is a chargeable service as a royalty fee needs to be paid each time an external database is accessed to verify an address. This requires credits to be purchased prior to use, one address submitted for verification consumes one credit.

AddressTools Premium trials are provided with 25 free address verification credits but you will be required to reach out to to gain access to any automated/batch service prior to testing.

What methods of address verification are available in AddressTools?

Address verification in AddressTools has two primary types of address verification available, real-time and batch/automated. Specific to AddressTools, the functionality available is:

  • Real-time PowerSearch address verification [video]
  • Real-time click-to-verify (for legacy customers only)
  • Scheduled batch address verification [video]
  • Automated address verification via process builder [video]

What does enabling address verification give me access to?

  • Access to global reference data in over 240 countries which for many includes postal authorities such as USPS, Royal Mail and Canada Post.
  • Address statuses to track whether an address has been verified and its result.
  • County data point, ideal for exact US county requirements.

Now we know what address verification is, move on to the next article to cover how to configure address verification in your organization.

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