AddressTools Premium: Understanding the AddressTools Override Lightning Component

What is the AddressTools Override?

The AddressTools Override component is an advanced lightning component built to replace the standard “New Record” popup that your users experience when creating a new record in Salesforce.

The component is designed to emulate the standard lightning experience so is native to the user. It is also capable of reading your existing page layouts and assignments so there is no additional maintenance work required as an administrator.

What functionality can I access when using the AddressTools Override?

The AddressTools Override lightning component gives you access to the following features at the point of record entry.

  • Type-ahead PowerSearch address verification
  • ZIP Code Lookup
  • Country and State suggestion picklists
  • QuickComplete Country default country selection

Are there any limitations when using the AddressTools Override?

Yes – whilst the component is suitable for most use-cases, the following items are not supported and should be considered.

  • Creating a record from a related list where the new object is overridden will not automatically populate the lookup field.
  • Creating a new record via a lookup field will not use the override component.
  • Different duplicate detection prompts will be shown when duplicate rules are enabled.
  • Dependant picklists on the page layout are not supported.
  • Please also see Salesforce’s Considerations for Overriding Standard Buttons and test thoroughly before deploying to production.

Do I need to use the AddressTools Override?

If you would like the ability to have additional interactive functionality at the point of record entry (such as type-ahead PowerSearch address verification and ZIP Code Lookup), you are required to use the AddressTools Override. If you do not plan to use these features at point of entry, there is no requirement to override the new button with the AddressTools Override.

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