Back 2 Work, BCOE centralises their subcontractor data in Salesforce thanks to SimpleImport

“SimpleImport solves something that’s not possible out of the box.”

Jeremy Bruce, Information Systems Analyst, Back 2 Work, Butte County Office of Education

Promoting Salesforce as a single source of truth

The Back 2 Work program, run by Butte County Office of Education (BCOE), is a transitional employment program for underserved and disadvantaged adults.

With a number of subcontractors collecting client data on disparate spreadsheets, Back 2 Work wanted to use their new Salesforce CRM implementation as the centralised place for this information. Back 2 Work needed to enable subcontractors to upload spreadsheet data to Salesforce through an Experience Cloud digital experience – something that out-of-the-box Salesforce does not offer.

Importing subcontractor data on a digital experience

Subcontractor spreadsheet data was siloed, and each contractor used their own formatted spreadsheet. There was no way for Back 2 Work to report on the data without manually looking at vast numbers of disconnected and unstandardised spreadsheets.

A new Salesforce CRM implementation

Back 2 Work chose Salesforce CRM as their single source of truth for this client data. Once the data was in Salesforce, Back 2 Work could create real-time visual dashboards of their subcontractor data, enabling the team to report accurately and make informed business decisions.

The main hurdle was getting the subcontractor data into Salesforce.

Using SimpleImport on a Salesforce digital experience

Back 2 Work, at the recommendation of their implementation partner, Bitwise Industries, installed SimpleImport.

With the solution configured and the data import ‘mapping’ saved, all the team had to do was place SimpleImport’s ManagedImport Lightning component on their Digital Experience. Subcontractors could drag and drop their spreadsheet files into the component for a fast and secure import.

SimpleImport compliments Back 2 Work’s custom solution for standardising spreadsheet data. Together with Salesforce CRM, Back 2 Work has a successful implementation for empowering their subcontractors to import their data to Salesforce via a digital experience.

Expanding out-of-the-box Salesforce

Now, Back 2 Work can confidently report on accurate client data in Salesforce and use this data to shape their strategy. Their crucial import requirement is solved without requiring subcontractors to visit third-party websites or download external tools. The subcontractors don’t even have access to the import configuration within SimpleImport – it’s preconfigured for them!

From spreadsheets to a world-class CRM

With Salesforce CRM in place, Back 2 Work is digitally transformed. They’ve moved from working with disparate Excel spreadsheets to operating on a leading Customer Relationship Management platform. Alongside this powerful functionality, Back 2 Work has leveraged the power of the Salesforce ecosystem. By working with an experienced Salesforce system integrator partner (Bitwise Industries) and a Salesforce independent software vendor (us!) to fulfill their requirement of importing spreadsheet data to Salesforce through a digital experience.

Empowering external users to import to Salesforce

Back 2 Work has found a solution that enables subcontractors to import their own data themselves, saving precious admin time while keeping the import process secure and simple.

A quick to adopt solution

Thanks to SimpleImport’s preconfigured drag-and-drop component, Back 2 Work has in place a scalable method for centralising client data from their subcontractors. If their list of subcontractors expands, Back 2 Work doesn’t need to worry about changing the process since little onboarding time is required.

Why Back 2 Work recommends ProvenWorks

BCOE Information Systems Analyst Jeremy Bruce says: “We didn’t have many support requests as an end customer. When we asked for help with configuration, together we solved it.”

Why Bitwise Industries recommends ProvenWorks

“The solution fit the client’s requirement perfectly. It meant we saved significant time and costs on custom dev and we found the ProvenWorks team extremely responsive and a pleasure to work with. We’ve worked with them since and I’m sure we will do again!” Says Jacob Aguilar, Salesforce Solutions Architect at Bitwise Industries.

Do you need to import data via a Salesforce digital experience?

Do you have external users who need to import spreadsheet data to Salesforce via a digital experience (community)? Whatever industry you work in, SimpleImport is the only managed package in the Salesforce ecosystem that has got you covered! 

Get in contact with us to discuss how SimpleImport could be your solution for data imports on a Salesforce digital experience. It’s that simple.

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