How to: configure different AddressTools features for separate users or profiles

If you have a basic setup configured for AddressTools Free or Premium, you will have noticed that all users have the same settings (such as validation enabled for everyone). However, you may not want all users to have access to such features. This article will explain how to exclude said users from such features.

  • Visit the Salesforce Setup page.

  • Within the Quick Find search bar, search for Custom Settings
    • Locate ‘CountryComplete Settings’ and select the Manage action next to it
    • This will then display the custom settings for the application, select New to create a new custom setting.

    Note: Some custom settings are excluded in the list below, these are due to being made obsolete as the package continues to grow.

    1. Enable Validation: Global toggle for validation rules such as country mandatory or state mandatory per country.
    2. Enable Standardization: Global toggle for country and state standardization.
    3. Disable Account Trigger: Disable the managed trigger that invokes AddressTools functionality on the Account object.
    4. Disable Contact Trigger: Disable the managed trigger that invokes AddressTools functionality on the Contact object.
    5. Disable Lead Trigger: Disable the managed trigger that invokes AddressTools functionality on the Lead object.
    6. Disabled Pages: For classic users, disable the javascript from loading on those pages.
    7. QuickComplete Country Enabled: Enable QuickComplete Country.
    8. Only Operate When Changed: Only fire AddressTools standardization and validation for records where an address field has changed.
    9. Run Trigger Once: Run the AddressTools apex once per transaction. Assist in reducing SOQL queries.
    10. Store Country Value As: When country standardization is enabled, store the country value in the specified format (additional information is provided in the tool-tip).
    11. Allowed Search Country Codes: A comma-separated list of country ISO-2 codes to limit the PowerSearch results to. Leaving this field empty will search all available countries. (i.e. entering GB,US,CA will only display results for United Kingdom, United States, and Canada).
    12. Search Result Preferred Country Code: Enter a country ISO-2 code to add weight to PowerSearch results (i.e. entering US will favour recommending results from the United States).
    13. ZIP Code Lookup Enabled: Enable ZIP Code Lookup.

    • Within the custom settings form, select the user/profile you want to have dedicated settings configured for.
    • Customize the settings in the custom settings interface to meet the desired user/profile requirements. For example, leave everything disabled to bypass functionality.
    • Select Save.

    Your new custom settings will now show within the CountryComplete Custom Settings page, you can edit these by selecting the Edit action.

    • If the solution doesn’t appear to update for the user/profile that was recently changed, ensure they clear their browser cache and try again.

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