How to: deploy AddressTools Free to users in your organization


With AddressTools now installed in your Org, it is essential to provide your users with the correct permissions to use the solution.

This article will explain what permissions are required for users to be able to use AddressTools functionality.

It is recommended that a permission set is created for AddressTools so that it can be applied to multiple users/profiles but these settings can be directly applied to the profiles.

Object and Field Permissions

Setup each object and associated fields with the permissions noted in the table below.

Object Object Permission Field Name Field Permission
Users N/A QuickComplete Country Read
Countries View All All fields Read
States View All All fields Read

Apex, Visualforce and Custom Settings

The user/profile will need access to all Apex Classes with the prefix:

  • pw_cc.

The user/profile will need access to the following Visualforce Pages:

  • pw_cc__CountriesJavaScript
  • pw_cc__SessionIdPage

The user/profile will need access to the following Custom Setting Definitions:

  • pw_cc.CountryComplete Settings
  • pw_cc.AddressTools Fields to Validate

License Allocation

After deployment to production, a site licenses is provided.

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