IndustryComplete: Installing Industry Codes

What are Industry Codes?

Industry Codes belong to standards that have been developed to assist with classifying industries into categories. There are three main Industry Standards:

  • Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)
  • International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC)
  • North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

What Industry Code Standards are available in IndustryComplete?

IndustryComplete supports the following codes out of the box:

  • ISICr40
  • NAICS07
  • NAICS12
  • NAICS17
  • USSIC87

You have the ability to customize existing industry code standards or create your own in your organization. See “Customize Industry Codes” for more information.

How to install industry codes

To get started:

  • Go to App Launcher | IndustryComplete Administration.
  • Ensure that you’re on the Installation & Settings page.
  • Under the Install Industries heading, select the industry codes which you would like to install.
  • Select Install Industries.
  • Wait for the process to finish.

Customize Industry Codes

During installation, the Industry Codes will be inserted into the pw_ic__IndustryCode__c object that is created with the IndustryComplete managed package. You have the ability to customize these records to meet your organizational requirements as you would any other record in your Salesforce environment.

A common change is to remove the standard name from the industry code name field. This can be beneficial for integrations that don’t expect an industry standard prefix to the codes.


“NAICS17-531210” will be installed with the NAICS17 data set. You can remove the “NAICS17-” from the record name leaving just “531210”.

As the Industry Codes object is created in your organization, you can create custom fields on the object to store relevant information on the codes.

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