IndustryComplete now supports Leads

This week we’re celebrating a much-anticipated update… our Salesforce industry lookup tool, IndustryComplete, now supports Leads!

What is IndustryComplete?

IndustryComplete is the ultimate industry lookup tool for Salesforce.

Look up a correct industry easily

Quickly and easily search for NAICS, SIC or ISIC data, select one and then watch as the industry auto-completes.

Improve your accounts and leads with industry standards

Why is this so valuable? Enhancing your industry data means better audience segmentation, better pipeline analysis, better-targeted marketing, and more.

Attach multiple industries in priority order

Enhance your data segmentation by attaching multiple industries to your records.

Save time and optimize your data management process

No time-consuming external tools. Do all of your industry searching in your Salesforce org without ever having to leave the Account or Lead.

Compatible with Salesforce standard industry values

Ensure complete accuracy since all installed standards are mapped with Salesforce’s standard industry values. Installing the industry object means that records are customizable and you can map codes to your own industry picklists.

Look up industry data on Accounts and Leads

With the latest update, you can now use IndustryComplete on both Accounts and Leads in Salesforce. No external windows or tools – it’s all within Salesforce!

Interested in seeing our industry lookup tool?

We’d love to show you IndustryComplete on a demo! Get in contact with us and we’ll show you through the features and answer any questions.

Alternatively, try it for free with a 14 day trial on the AppExchange.

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