Notice: AddressTools “query access to the ValidatedField__c object”

AddressTools Spring’20 Notice

In Spring’20, Salesforce is restricting access to custom settings which had previously been accessible by all users within your Org by default.

If you are experiencing the following error: The current user does not have query access to the ValidatedField__c object or one of its fields which access is required.

You will be required to manually assign the profile with access to the AddressTools custom settings. This can either be done by:

Profile Custom Setting Definitions.

Go to Setup | Profiles | [Profile in Question] | Custom Setting Definitions | Edit. Move CountryComplete Settings and available AddressTools Fields to Validate to the enabled lists. Select Save.

View All Custom Settings Profile Permission.

Go to Setup | Profiles | [Profile in Question]. Search for View All Custom Settings and check it. Save the changes.

Both of the above can either be applied via a Permission Set or directly on the affected profiles themselves.

To find out more about this change and how to configure permission sets, you can read the official Salesforce release notesreleasenotes.doc.salesforce

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