PhoneTools: Formula Field

Please note: PhoneTools has two features: Click to Call and SMS functionality, and Phone Screening functionality. This installation article will cover Formula field creation which is relevant to Phone Screening.

Formula Field Configuration

We understand that you won’t want to screen every number in your Salesforce Org, so we provide the ability to include/exclude numbers based on a true or false formula.

For this example, we want to exclude any number that sits on a record where the Billing Address is not “United Kingdom” or is left blank, as we are going to make an assumption that the number on the record won’t be British.

Note that you can configure your formula to whatever your own requirement is giving you full control over your screening process.

Creating a Formula

Navigate to Setup and select Object Manager. Once the page has loaded, select the object you want to create the formula for by clicking the Label.

Click Fields & Relationships and then select New.

Type your formula into the field which must result in 0 or 1.

0 = Number doesn’t require screening 1 = Number does screening

Here is a basic formula used for this example:

  • IF(OR(BillingCountry=’United Kingdom’,ISBLANK(BillingCountry)), 1, 0)

Select Next and then ensure that All Profiles are granted Visibility to the formula. Select Next and uncheck adding the formula field to your page layout. Then press Save to finish.

Adding the Formula to the Phone Field

Navigate to the Salesforce App Launcher and then select PhoneTools Administration under All Items. Once loaded, select the Installation sub-tab.

Scroll down to the Fields to Screen section and select Edit next to the field that you just configured your formula for.

Scroll down the Formula Field picklist to find your new Formula’s API name. Once chosen, select Save.

Now when checking a record that doesn’t meet the formula criteria, the TPS and CTPS alert bubbles will display grey with a Not Required status.

Like the sound of PhoneTools?

Great! PhoneTools is our 5* app for Salesforce that lets you screen phone numbers against UK TPS and CTPS to keep you PECR compliant. All within Salesforce with no coding required!

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Got questions?

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