PhoneTools: phone screening statuses


PhoneTools from ProvenWorks safeguards Salesforce users against breaching privacy laws when contacting potential customers in the UK. This is done through Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) register checks.

The managed package assigns statuses to each record at two levels, record level (a summary status of all phone numbers on the specific record) and then drilling into it, a phone number level (highlighting the status of individual phone numbers).

So what are the statuses and what do they mean?

Record Level Statuses

The record level status provides a summary of each of the numbers that exist within the record. This status is ideal for use in Salesforce reports to quickly identify whether a record has callable numbers.

  1. Not Screened – The record contains phone numbers that have not yet been screened against the configured databases
  2. Error – There is an issue with one or more of the numbers that exist on the record
  3. Safe to Call (not listed) – All numbers on the record are considered safe to call and not listed on the databases screened against
  4. Caution (partially listed) – The record contains both numbers that aren’t listed as well as numbers that are. A breakdown of which numbers are safe to call can be found by looking at the Phone Level Statuses on the record page layout.
  5. Do Not Call (listed) – All numbers on the record are listed in either database

Phone Level Statuses

The phone level status is displayed within a Lightning Component that can be placed onto your record app pages. These statuses provide a clear summary at a glance of which numbers are callable on the record.

  1. Green – Not Listed on TPS/CTPS register, it is okay to call
  2. Red – Listed on TPS/CTPS register, it is not okay to call
  3. Amber – Not Screened or Overdue

If you want to find out more about PhoneTools please get in touch at or Arrange a Demo via the PhoneTools product page!

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