How to populate a state value from a US ZIP Code using a Salesforce flow

Reducing manual data entry results in better user adoption, less friction for prospects and overall a better user experience. 

In this example we are going to create a Salesforce flow that will fetch the State value from an entered US ZIP Code and populate the address’ state field. This removes the (often neglected!) requirement for end users to enter a State value at point of record entry. The ZIP Code data is part of AddressTools Premium which is available on the AppExchange.

Follow along with our step-by-step guide by installing a free two-week free trial of AddressTools Premium.

Create a flow to automate State population

  • Go to Salesforce Setup | Flow.
  • Select New Flow.
  • Choose Record-Triggered Flow.
  • Search and select the object that you are configuring the process for.
  • Set Trigger the Flow When to A record is created or updated.
  • Select Done.

Set entry conditions.

  • Condition requirements All Conditions Are Met (AND)
  • pw_ccpro__BillingCountryLookup__c Equals United States
  • BillingState Is Null TRUE
  • BillingPostalCode Is Null FALSE 
  • When to Run the Flow for Updated Records Every time a record is updated and meets the condition requirements
  • Optimize the Flow For Fast Field Updates 

The flow will now be ready to start adding elements to.

  • Select Get Records and drag it under the Start element
  • Label Get ZIP 
  • Object ZIP Code 

Set entry conditions.

  • Condition requirements All Conditions Are Met (AND) 
  • Name Equals {!$Record.BillingPostalCode}
  • How Many Records to Store Only the first record
  • How to Store Record Data Automatically store all fields 

Add another element.

  • Select Update Records and drag it under the Get Records element
  • Label Update Account
  • How to Find Records to Update and Set Their Values Use the account record that triggered the flow
  • Set Filter Conditions None-Always Update Record

Set Field Values for the Account Record.

  • BillingState {!Get_ZIP.pw_ccpro__State__r.Name}

Make sure the elements are connected and Activate your flow. 



How can I run this for my historic data?

If you have existing records in Salesforce that you want to run this logic for check out our guide on how to run a mass update using Salesforce Flows.


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