The Renfrew Center stays mission-focused with clean address data thanks to AddressTools 

“The customer service has been excellent – a team who goes above and beyond.”

Teri Curtin, Business System Analyst, The Renfrew Center

Working with clean Salesforce data means that The Renfrew Center can focus on its mission

The Renfrew Center has been the pioneer in the treatment of eating disorders since 1985, with a core focus of empowering women to change their lives. As the nation’s first residential eating disorder facility, Renfrew has helped more than 85,000 adolescent girls, women, transgender, and non-binary individuals move towards recovery by providing them with the tools they need to succeed in recovery and in life.

The Renfrew Center was challenged by data management issues. They wanted to ensure that the mailing addresses of their person accounts in Salesforce were clean so that they could focus on effectively communicating their mission.

Clean address data for business operations

The Renfrew Center needed quality address data for a number of different reasons.

Data management

The Renfrew Center was looking for a solution that could resolve CRM data issues. They wanted to have better trust that the data in their Salesforce org was a single source of truth. They needed a way to effectively and efficiently capture accurate address information.

Marketing mailings

They wanted to be able to verify the addresses of bulk mailing lists before sending out marketing materials to ensure successful delivery, reduce failed delivery costs and build important channels of communication with referring clinicans.


They wanted to use the ‘County’ field for reporting in order to make business decisions, so therefore needed to be certain that this data was accurate.

Implementing and onboarding staff quickly

“It’s super easy to use AddressTools.”
Teri Curtin, Business System Analyst, The Renfrew Center

Once installed, AddressTools provided a solution that would empower The Renfrew Center to manage their address data. Since AddressTools is native to Salesforce, it only took minutes to train team members on how to use the tool.

Running operations with clean address data

“AddressTools allows for quick address validation and less time cleaning up incorrect or insufficient address data.” 
Teri Curtin, Business System Analyst, The Renfrew Center

With AddressTools in place, The Renfrew Center is able to clean up and maintain accuracy in its address data, helping them grow trust in their Salesforce CRM as their single source of truth.

When sending out marketing materials by mail, they are confident in the fact that their communication will reach the intended audience.

Thanks to AddressTools, The Renfrew Center can now be confident in the accuracy of its address data as the basis for reporting, improving business analysis and decision making.

Why The Renfrew Center recommends ProvenWorks

In her own words, Teri shares why The Renfrew Center has worked with ProvenWorks for the last six years:

“The support team is always quick to respond, helpful and pleasant to work with. AddressTools has worked as expected and helps tremendously with data management. The Customer Service has been excellent – a team who goes above and beyond.

Learn more about The Renfrew Center

Find out more and support the important work of The Renfrew Center to empower individuals struggling with an eating disorder.

Clean up your data with AddressTools

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