Unleash your productivity potential: ProvenWorks takes on London’s Calling and empowers Salesforce professionals with game-changing hacks

Held annually in London, London’s Calling is a prestigious event that connects Salesforce professionals from around the world. The conference serves as a platform for thought leaders and pioneers to share their knowledge and innovative solutions in the Salesforce ecosystem. The highly anticipated event gathers attendees for a vibrant day of learning, networking and getting up to date with the latest trends and advancements across the Salesforce community. The event saw speakers, sponsors as well as the much-anticipated Demo Jam competition where eight Salesforce ISVs battle it out to be crowned champion.

💡 Watch Ruth and Damian’s demo jam from London’s Calling 2022 showing off SimpleImport by ProvenWorks!

Again, ProvenWorks took to the stage at London’s Calling on Friday, releasing a whirlwind of Salesforce productivity superpowers. Led by our very own Beth Clements, a Salesforce maestro and co-leader of the Manchester Salesforce User Group, Beth’s session shared game-changing insights to transform your working day and conquer the productivity game.

Preparation is the key to unlocking your productivity potential

Did you know employees spend five hours a week waiting to hear back from other people? At ProvenWorks we understand the value of time, so we shared invaluable insights to help you reclaim those precious hours. During interviews with industry experts Beth uncovered powerful methods:

  • Elisa Edmondson, Business Systems analyst at AMAROK found making detailed notes on each project is great preparation as you can jump back in without reinventing the wheel.

Master the productivity game

Beth revealed an eye-opening truth: it takes an average of 23 minutes to regain focus after a distraction. Her approach to combat this involves establishing a general focus for the month and then breaking it down into weekly and daily objectives. Drawing on insights from accomplished professionals we heard one of their strategies:

  • Mike Davis, Chief Revenue Officer at Invisory, emphasised the importance of following your own productivity timeline.

Achieve peak performance with prioritisation

Prioritisation is key to peak performance. Beth as an Operations Director knows the value of efficient scheduling. Here is an example of a strategy shared by our experts that high performing individuals use: 

  • JP Legget the CEO of Squivr, stressed the power of prioritising tasks by leveraging his calendar.

Self care and vulnerability: a winning combination

At ProvenWorks, we understand that productivity extends beyond work. Happy employees exhibit higher job performance, increased efficiency, and enhanced effectiveness. Our experts shared this insight:

  • Ben McCarthy, Managing Director of Salesforce Ben, kickstarts his brain and body with a refreshing morning walk, emphasising the importance of self-care.

Elevate your workspace for maximum productivity

Recognising the impact your workspace, 60% of remote workers stressed the importance of a dedicated space for optimal productivity. ProvenWorks encourages you to mix it up and find new ways to liven up your workspace, boosting your productivity.


Read the full session

You can read Beth’s full speech, capturing every detail of the enlightening session here.


Join us at Salesforce World Tour London

Events season is only just beginning! We’re excited to announce our presence at Salesforce World Tour London on 29th June in the ExCeL Centre. Join us and the rest of the Salesforce community for a day of learning from industry leaders and discovering solutions that can help you unlock your true productivity potential. Together, lets embark on an adventure towards exceptional productivity.



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