How to handle sanctioned states within Salesforce

As of February 2022, US companies must adhere to imposed restrictions on economic relations with the non-government controlled areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts in eastern Ukraine. AddressTools Premium customers can quickly and automatically identify Leads, Accounts and Opportunities in Salesforce that should be flagged in relation to the executive order.

The AddressTools ‘State’ object is pre-populated with Ukrainian province (oblast) values. The package ensures that all addresses in these regions use a standard state value for reporting purposes.

A custom checkbox field can be added to the State object to flag “Sanctioned Regions”. Using the package’s built-in trigger, a formula field can be populated on records in these regions. Any new record created in these regions would be automatically flagged.

Before getting started

This guide assumes that you are leveraging the Lookup Field Population functionality available in AddressTools Premium. To find out about the Lookup Field Population functionality please refer to the relevant section in the Installation Walkthrough.

These instructions will demonstrate displaying whether the Account Billing Address exists within a sanctioned region. The steps can be replicated across any address block configured with AddressTools.

When you’re ready to proceed, continue through the guide using the steps below.

Step by step guide

Create a Sanctioned Region checkbox on the State object

First create a checkbox field on the AddressTools State object and name it Sanctioned Region. This field will be used to flag regions under sanction.

Add this field to the State object’s page layout in order to maintain the value with ease.

With the field created, relevant regions can be set to TRUE by navigating to the State record via the parent Country in Salesforce. For example, navigate to Countries then select Ukraine. Finally click Related and find the impacted state in the list.

Create a formula field to display the Sanctioned Region value on an Account

To display the Sanctioned Region value on a record where the address exists, we’ll use a formula field to reference the associated State record.

Create a Formula field on the object where the address exists. We’ll choose Account for this example. When choosing the Formula Return Type, choose Checkbox and name the field Sanctioned Region.

Use the Advanced Formula tool to insert the custom Sanctioned Region field located on the related State object (this is where the Lookup Field Population functionality comes in).

Save the field and optionally add it to your page layout for quick referencing.

Save and test

When we save a new Account, the Billing State Lookup field populates on save using AddressTools’ Lookup Field Population functionality. When viewing the saved record the formula field will traverse the lookup and present the Sanctioned Region value on the Account.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or concerns about handling sanctioned states in your Salesforce org, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.