How to: set the owner of individual Records to different users when importing with SimpleImport

When inserting data via an import solution into Salesforce, it’s best practice to add the record owner field to the records being inserted so that they’re not all assigned to the user importing the data. This can be easily achieved when using SimpleImport in Salesforce by using the users’ usernames. Let’s start by taking a look at how to find a Salesforce Username.

Locating a user’s username

When importing a file with SimpleImport, you can specify the owner of each record so that it is assigned to said owner once imported. To complete this you will first need the username, as follows:

  • Go to Salesforce Setup (top right corner of your Salesforce page).
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  • On the left side of the screen, under Administration, expand the Users section, and click Users.

  • You will now see a table of all the users in your organization.

  • Under the username column, copy the username of the desired user(s). Paste this somewhere safe, as it will be required later.

Adding the username(s) to the import file

You now need to add the desired username(s) to each row within your spreadsheet, all rows must have a valid username entered otherwise an error will occur when importing.

  • Add a new column to the file.
  • In the first row of the new column, type Username.
  • Enter the username(s) fetched from the previous steps into the desired rows.
  • Save the file.

Mapping the file in SimpleImport

  • In SimpleImport, upload the file.
  • Select Import to Salesforce (or choose a sheet first if there are multiple sheets in your file).
  • Choose your object and select Next.
  • In the Username row in the mapping page, select Map to Salesforce to open the field finder.
  • Search Owner ID and select the Owner ID | Username option.

  • Map all the other fields as you require.

  • Select Import.

Once your data has been imported, the owner of each individual record will be set to the user whose username had been entered in the spreadsheet.

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