How to: setup automated international address verification via Process Builder

Before getting started:

  • Requires an active verification credits subscription in your organization.
  • The address block requiring verification must be configured in the AddressTools Administration Address Blocks.
  • This feature is only suitable for low-volume data upsertion due to dependencies on ‘future methods’. Check out Scheduled Address Verification for high-volume implementations.

Create a New Process

Navigate to Setup | Process Automation | Process Builder.

Select New.

Provide a Name and API Name.

Set The process starts when to A record change.

Press Save.

Choose Object

Select Add Object to open the Choose Object panel.

Select Find an object…

Choose the relevant Object.

Under Start the process, select the appropriate option for your use case from the available options.

Press Save.

Add Criteria

Select Add Criteria to open the Define Criteria panel.

Name the criteria using the Name Criteria field.

Set Criteria for Executing Actions to Conditions are met.

Under Set Conditions, select the Find a Field and select the associated Address Status field for the address block and press Choose to confirm.

Set Operator to Equals.

Set Type to Picklists.

Set Value to Not checked.

If you want to add more criteria, select Add Row.

Set Conditions to All of the conditions are met (AND).

Press Save.

Add Action

Select Add Action to open the Select and Define Action panel.

Set Action Type to Apex.

Name the action using the Action Name field.

Set Apex Class to Premise Level Address Verification.

Set Country-field API name | Type to String.

Set Country-field API name | Value to the address block’s country field API name.

Set ID of record to validate | Type to Field Reference.

Select Find a field… to open the Select a Field modal.

Select the Object’s ID field.

Select Choose.

Select Save.

Activate and Test

Select Activate.

Select Confirm.

Insert a record into your object with a complete address block and the necessary criteria to meet to rules configured in the Add Criteria section. Once the record has been inserted, you may need to refresh the page to display the updated status,

Contact Us

If you are experiencing any issues with the setup, please reach out to: where a member of our team will be happy to assist.

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